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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Holiday Event (2020)

Seasons Greetings DPG members,

Celebrate the holidays the Jurassic way!
This month, enjoy the cold winter with frosty events all over the Map, as well as special gifts in the market!
Gain coins every Saturday and Sunday in this special Blue themed Treasure Chase!
You’ll be able to collect from the chases once daily.

As we continue along through December, expect more holiday surprises to come egg-nogging at your Jurassic World Alive game to keep you nice and toasty!

Happy Holidays!


Great. Can we remove short range spawns now? I don’t know why they thought this was a good idea during a pandemic. I think that’ll be a fun holiday event.


It’s all I want for Christmas


All I want for Christmas is…
removal or rework of short range spawns.

Sung to the tune of All i want for christmas by mariah carey


@E.D. why?
Why do you keep continue these chases.
Everywhere ,facebook,twitter,on my team discord and the whole forum was unhappy since it only gave us 500 coins,so why do you continu?
Can atleast we have an answer about that?


Will there be another Christmas mammoth hunt like last year?


Unfortunately they won’t remove them the email I got in response to me questioning them Bout the spawns was along the lines of you can still get these spawns from indoors. We have the safety of our players at heart.

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I ran a poll that said no, you can’t. Over half the people who responded to the poll didn’t have any short range spawns within range of their homes.

Besides, the short range spawns have messed up spawn rates across the board. Local spawns no longer spawn in short range. So you’ll be walking around in a neighboring zone, but you won’t find any of their local spawns within 30m of you. The only way to get them to show up is to use a giga scent. And I don’t want to have to drop a scent every time I go to the grocery store if I want to find the local spawns of that area.


But according to ludia you can get them from home
And we all know ludia tell the truth :joy:

But anyhows also the guy said at the core of the game is its a geo location game so of course you will need to walk a bit sometimes.


Obviously you should have to move around a bit. But there are other ways to encourage that without requiring people to walk around at night in a dangerous neighborhood in order to find Parasaurolophus Lux. Just giving short range spawns higher spawn rates of epics and rares would probably be enough.


Cannot imagine how Community Managers feel when Ludia tell them : “go announce another round of 500 coins treasure chests, that will chers them up!” :slight_smile: They know we always have a good laugh when they do, but it’s not a cheer me up laugh!

Its in the “dear ludia” article, post 91

Dear Ludia: Short-Range Spawns Are an Awful Idea


It’s no good telling me I’m not ludia I’m just saying have said to me in a email they see nothing wrong with how the short range spawns work.

Maybe send that screenshot to ludia.

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This is so funny!

We are treated to a Christmas chase that we can collect… wait for it… once a day!

500 coins Saturday and 500 coins Sunday.



Lol I know, I just wanted to add it. Hopefully they’ll see it. Unless literally every player has one of these spawns where they live, some players will not be able to obtain some of these spawns (especially Parasaurolophus Lux, being a night only spawn).

The solution would be to give all players the ability to create a spawn point at their homes. But isn’t that exactly what scents were designed to do?


@E.D. can we PLEASE stop calling it a chase when only one appears per day? It’s no different than spinning any other stop except for the fancy colors and the off chance you’ll get 1000 coins instead of 500…

It’s the equivalent of having a 0K race: On your mark, get set, it’s over!

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Woah I have insane luck then


At least you acknowledge that it’s only once per day now and the 25k limit is impossible to reach. Why is there a 25k limit? Because coding numbers is hard.

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So nothing changes, well congratulations ludia on trying and failing to do something.

Also remove the short spawn system

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