[News] Jurassic World Alive | Hotfixes Coming Soon (07/26/2018)


Please note that our team is currently working on resolving the following issues:

  • Flashing light in DNA collection drone
    IMPORTANT: For those with photosensitive epilepsy, please refrain from using DNA collection drone until further notice.

  • Inability to fuse certain creature DNA

  • “Cloak” not doubling damage

  • Text not appearing after completing an Achievement

  • Errors in Friendly Battle

  • Forum Filter Tweaks

If you encounter any other issues, please be sure to report it here or directly to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com


Sounds Great Jorge :+1:


Most of the green spots have disappeared, even in parks (some of these have disappeared, other have changed to orange spots). Completing daily events is much difficult because respawn time is too slow.


My son and I are seeing different dinos and drop points even after hard closing the app and restarting both devices.

Edit to add: Thanks for the update that devs are working on the above issues.


I thought I was the only one seeing this to.



What about the “blind” map? Many ppl have issue with loading the map with dinos and stops. Currently i can only fight in arena and can’t catch a single dino in the wild or use a dino-stop… It’s gonna be 24h soon…


Awesome you guys are on it and maybe if you get time this glitch…

No option to fuse new dinos?

Forum Filter Tweaks
Forum Filter Tweaks

Forum Filter Tweaks

What? I can’t believe what I’m reading.

Forum Filter Tweaks




If ya’ll got time, PVP area battles appear to be completely broken on my end.

IF I can even get in (which is rare, and I get dinged for points even when I don’t), half of the time the app doesn’t respond. From what I can gather, it appears to be largely server-side.


Hello Jorge, thanks for letting us know about your hotfixes. Unfortunately I don’t see map not loading on your list, which seems to be a big issue for a lot of players, myself included.

Would love it if one of you devs would spent 2 minutes once in a while with status on issues like these that makes the game unplayable. Just let us know that you are aware and that you are working on it. Maybe a timeframe on expected fix? I’m sure the community would be very happy for updates like that.

Can’t wait to try out the new patch once it’s working on my phone - and ty for a great app.

GL and keep up the good work.

  • mulaganesh


Just reporting some issues I’ve had since the update. My husband and I both play but have different drops and dinos on the map when in the same location. Makes it tough to play together.

Also friendly battles don’t work.

I’ve also noticed that I no longer get random pop up Dinos. I spent an hour going around and the only Dinosaurs I get in game are at supply drops.


I have the same problem too


Actually they do appear (at least for me) - its just that they do the next time you log in even if you’ve collected the reward :smiley:


I’m not sure if this is the place to ask…but is it possible to make El Cariso park in Sylmar CA a park that can actually hold special events? There’s only one little supply drop there and it’s a huge park. That’s the only safe park in the area!


I have the same bug,… high loading, no map for me… hey i.m VIP and i can.t play after this update of the game… =/


My husband can see a green drop point near our house but when I go on it isn’t there :thinking::thinking:


I’d settle for you just sorting out the blank map, tbh. Can’t play the game with a blank map!


Please look into inconsistent maps between players in the same spot. Thanks!


I am having the same thing. Can’t play if I can’t see anything!!