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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Hybrid Pursuit


Hello fellow DPG members,

Our team has noticed a pattern evolving in the spawning rates of creatures and are predicting a rather interesting outcome!

Creatures with DNA used to create hybrids and superhybrids seem to have created a bond, and are now moving around the maps in close succession of each other. We are predicting the hybrid and superhybrid components will be seen with more frequency in your neighborhood.

For example, if creature x and creature y make hybrid xy, then in the first week you would see more creatures x, and in the second more creatures y.

The frequency with which these creatures are seen will certainly be impacted by their natural behaviour. E.g. If they are commons, and seen at all times, you will notice their numbers growing significantly. If they are rares, and only move around at night, they will become more visible at all times of the day, but not to the extent of the more common one.

Keep an eye on our social pages for hints at which hybrid’s DNA you’ll be able to start fusing on any given week!


This sounds promising! :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


Allright. Wait and see I guess


Oh yeah something to spend my 9k monolophosaurus gen 2 on since dimetrodon gen 2 moved away.


This is a game and really dont understand why people get so pathetic over updates that make the game better??? Unless you spend thousands of pounds on it and are trying to be the best then why should it bother you???


Its a game, if all dinos were about would be easy!!


The problem is that they keep changing the game and the attacks so frequently it’s almost impossible to keep up with the changes and migration patterns to find the Dino’s you need…They do an update and now I’m having to switch out my team again, happens almost every update.


Old thread, and all I see are the same, non hybrid/ useless hybrid producing creatures.


I remember being excited when this was a new thread. I don’t feel that this hybrid pursuit has happened aside from the featured hybrids.


I concur…


I thought I seen somewhere that the T-Rex Gen 2 was going to be in for something else in this new update


It is, next week is dilo g2 and next is tenonto. All ingredients for tenontorex


So far its day 2 of which the Teno is supposed to be more active, I have seen one… So, I don’t see any increase in it’s presence anywhere around my area. Of course it is already among my 3 least seen dinos anyway.


I have a suggestion for these “hybrid pursuits”.

On the last day, feature an attempt at specific hybrid. :wink:



your not buying a house it’s a game.


Do you realize you’re replying to a post from 2 months ago?


Pterovexus week! is coming!


and how/where do you know this


In-game notification!


I see it now :smiley: