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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Hybrid Pursuit

Translated from Czech

Where is the turtle?

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I clicked on link from the game today to this again… hmmmm same old same old


Please tell us that it’s really Thyla and the infographic is missing the third ingredient.

Just saw a Suchomimus. This is going to suck.

Yeah, terrible hybrid pursuit.

The initial infographic for indo gen2 had placeholders for all three ingredients shown.

This round only has the two for suchotator. Terrible.

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I suspect Sucho will be out this week, Irritator next week and then most likely after that it will be Suchotator, then Marsupial.

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I hope you are correct, but the infographic doesn’t support that.

All I can say to that is… Since when are Ludia’s infographics a true representation of what is in the game. Only this week did they show Triceratops Gen 2 image named Stegosaurus for it to turn out to be Stegosaurus.

They are rubbish at any and all promotional infographics.

That’s all I’ll say.

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Nothing truer has ever been written in this forum.

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It’s only running for three weeks… So suchomimus irritator then lion

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Well as @StoneCutter states the inforgraphic (regardless of how bad Ludia are at them) does not suggest 3 weeks.

But the thylocator info graphic from the weekend said three weeks…

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A pursuit that goes all the way down the fuse tree makes more sense. I’m going for 3 weeks.

Ah we’ll I didn’t see that infographic.

Where was that infographic posted? I don’t see anything on Facebook or twitter.

When I screenshotted it it cut the three weeks out but I can assure u it is


I so hope that’s correct.

did i just hear someone say * Tenontosaurus * ? oh good grief not again …
those persky little critters are in plague proportions around the area where i live i see them at least every 2 days or so and we are not talking just the odd occasional one either i am talking something in the vicinity of 12 plus of the pesky little horrors lol :tired_face: :astonished: :tired_face:

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Not really no, that was said 10 months ago.

Shhh. Let him get on a roll first.