[News] Jurassic World Alive | Improvement Tests

Hello DPG members!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be testing minor in-game adjustments and optimizations related to Rewarded Advertisements. These tests will be presented to accounts randomly.
We will be monitoring their impact and performance and will be reviewing their results, with the ultimate goal of rolling out these changes to all players.

We appreciate the community’s support and we thank you for taking part in helping improve our game.

Thank you all.


So the mantience on Tuesday(or Monday.), was for that.

Ooo exciting

Is this about the 1 j buck reward for watching a video? Pfffft what a waste of time that is


I love the 2x free incubator. 2 more interactions and gigas. I think the 1 cash ad should be 5 cash. Then it would feel less like a “waste of time”


I got an offer of an ad for 5 darts. Talk about a horrible deal!


Dont think it is worth it dont click it. This is what blue/green deployments are about. They arn’t going to listen to people here. They are going to go purely based on metrics.


Some of them are quite good like the double incubator but the rest of the rewards are way too low you can get more by spinning a drop


Just only accept the ads that are worth it, if you see a 1 buck ad or 5 darts don’t click it. Ludia may up them if they see that


Double incubator is the only worth it reward. The cash and darts are a joke unless you amp the rewards 11x


The incubator one is good. But the two others give less then spinning a drop.


Must be what this is about.

Only good one is the 2 free incubators for watching an ad. 5 darts is beyond a joke and so is 1 cash.


At minimum, give at least 5 cash for watching the ads and at least 25 darts so you feel as though you got enough to fully dart a couple creatures.

Sometimes rewards are a bit chintzy while at the same time charge 1000 cash for an epic scent. Think about watching 1000 adds for one epic scent. Not really worth it. I would cringe a bit if epic scents were only 100 cash and rare scents 20 but might actually spend 100 for an epic scent and 20 for a rare at particular times. Same with buying bundles of darts.


I fully agree with this. I have never bought epic scent or incubator because I usually save up my cash for coins and usually I have exactly enough by the time there is a coin sale. If we for 5 for watching ads, I might be able to get enough to buy more than just the coins.

Is this why there is a random maintence break today?

i’d accept a deal:
for each jwa bug fixed, i could watch a 12-hour video.


I think ludia may be listening to the community and these maintenance breaks are to help fix bugs in the game

how would you know none of them has been communicated