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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Increased Event Supply Drops (Nov 18, 2019)

Hello fellow DPG members!

Our team has performed a redistribution of Events on the geo Map. Please reboot your app completely if you have not done so already. You should notice an increase in Event Supply Drops (the green ones) if you were previously affected by low Event distribution.

Let us know what you think in the comments. If you continue to experience low Event Supply Drop distribution or low regular Supply Drop distribution, please send an email to with your Support Key and screenshots of your Map so our team can review.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we improve your geo Map experience.

Happy collecting!

UPDATE (Nov 25, 2019):

Hello fellow DPG members,

We heard your feedback in regards to the Event Supply Drops on the geo Map, and we are in the process of tweaking distribution. You may notice a slight difference in the amounts appearing as a result.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding as we improve your geo Map experience!

Happy collecting!


Was gonna say… the park I live next to seemed to have a bunch more green drops this morning! :smiley:

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I certainly noticed a dramatic increase of drops around work. I will check when I get to my home hunting grounds.

Thank you for working to increase their availability for your users.


I can reach 4 green ones from work now and 2 from home. Pretty crazy

Definitely seeing way more green drops.


i can currently see like 21 or so green supply drops on my map… awesome!

There are definitely more Green portals around which is awesome. Thank you.

Sadly, it came a bit late; missed many Irritator attemps the last time around.

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There is Blue this week. I personally think that’s a bit better, but i don’t have a magna yet so i can’t really judge.

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There is more green drops, but area three blocks around me is again waste land with no drops and spawns. Went back, as it was after map changes, two days ago.

First time I was able to collect all the gold without troubles, thanks =D

But yeah, some places around the town have no drops at all, so the consequences of the map update were not completely abolished. It’s a huge step forward, anyway, so many thanks for the Team, hope all wasteland will grow some drops and spawns upon them

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So much better, thank you.

Thank you! I hated getting none in my area. Especially cus I’ve Ran out of data somehow so I have to stay in my house. Thanks ludia, I hopefully can get Darwin.

There do seem to be a few extra


Yeah lol… to many is better then not enough though.


Good luck getting FTs from regular drops. :grin::joy:

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Thats just a road up the street from me… technically thats a golf course. The stops around my house are mostly regular… so i got the best of both worlds atm.

Good on you guys for addressing this!

Thank you, we genuinely appreciated it. Now, can we please fix park scents?

I see also more green spots and I like that but seem to get no cash out of it.
And i spinned at least 50 times green spots.

I think you have got a bit too carried away … especially in parks :rofl: