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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Increased Event Supply Drops (Nov 18, 2019)

Work went from 7 to 5 and now 4.

No need to fix it. I’m out.

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Too late. Stuffed with turtles already.

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You seem to be working in some sort of black hole. Are you a in physics? Working at CERN? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for the increased event stops. I personally feel this is the rate they should always be.

The increased green supply drops are appreciated, but they have caused a new problem. As seen in a bunch of the screenshots above, the world is now 90% event supply drops. The JWA map at my house now shows 17 green drops, 2 normal supply drops, 6 sanctuaries, 2 wandering chests, and ZERO strike towers. 1 new fix, 1 new bug… Your record is improving.


Near a toxic waste dump, actually.

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It’s a lot better around home. Can see a lot more green drops and strike towers too ^^

It’s certainly improved for me. This area I start my hunts in had 1 before now it has 5.

This is not good enough. I want the old map layout back.

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Going to be interesting when the rare event drops are added later today - orange ones are going to be rare - max your coins now while you have the chance.


Had 16 drops near home, went down to five with update. Now 4 of them green. I wish the supply drops increased paralel with the green ones IMO.

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Update in regards to this post, please read above.

Thanks for the update.

After the last changes in the supply drops, including the recent tweaks mentioned, it feels more like there are less supply drops in general after 1.10, not just the event ones as previously stated by players(before the fix). Those screenshots are from today, we can see how supply drop lacking some parts are: