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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Instant Invincibility Taunt Issue

Hello DPG members,

We’ve received reports regarding players having issues with Instant Invincibility Taunt, where players get kicked out of Raid Battles with creatures that have this ability.

Some players have also reported that the Instant Invincibility Taunt was working incorrectly in player battles, with several players stating the ability is no longer negating damage outright.

The fix to both of these issues should be live by 10am EDT, August 5th.

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

Happy Playing!


Thank you for seeing my previous post & addressing this.


Thank you for giving us an ETA on the fix. much appreciated.


Finally. Much better.

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2 turn Invincibility was so broken that it ultimately broke the game


Sweet, now my topic can finally die


Why are you saying was it still will be 2 turns.

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How many attacks will instant invincibility block now @Eugene

Thank you very much for addressing this!

But isn’t right now. Now it’s 0 lol


I was wondering why my erlidoms Rampage went through a maximas invincibilty… a bug won me a battle. That’s quite unfair.

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When the game says “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”


I’m gonna need some Compensation Expeditiously :eyes::eyes::eyes:


It’s been three days now, why hasn’t this been fixed???
Since 2.0 I have had to change six of my eight team as the update rendered them pretty much useless, now my existing team have been crippled and I’ve dropped from around 5700 trophies to around 5400, back in the bloody library again, that took me a year to get out of.
The amount of money Ludia make from this game is ridiculous, but we are continually made to suffer due to their incompetence, it’s a joke.

You not enjoying the books?
I’m not either. Read them all already.

I’m planning to apply to be a librarian

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i have the same problem with shields

It’s bugged, fix is coming today if Ludia succeeds.

Is it fixed yet?