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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Instant Invincibility Taunt Issue

Thank you Eugene and the rest of the staff

He said it’s going live at 10am

Oops, a few minutes too early.

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The Raid Bug it’s not solved. I can’t play with my Diorajasaur. Please FIX it!

fix this bug i dont want to miss my 10 mortem rex dna this week


Well, it’s fixed now.

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So Instant Invincibility was fused with long invincibility?

What do you mean?

Diorajasaur is still broken. Invincibility does not work.

Instant Invinvibility was meant to be a priority invincibility,long invincibility was a non priority move with 2 turns instead of 1,so Instant Invincibility taunt seems like a priority move with invincibility for 2 turns.

Ludia changed the definition of a turn for shields, so Instant Invincibility Taunt actually lasts for only 1 turn.
It’s just that turns are counted when the user moves instead of the opponent.

Seems like it’s still broken. Just triggered it with my faster Zorion. Other player took a swing at me with his indo g1 and went right through me giving them the win!!!

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