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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Issue With Local Spawns

Hello DPG members,

As you know, since the release of Raids, we’ve been hard at work addressing the different issues that were reported by our community after the launch of the 2.0 Update.

While working on those fixes, we’ve also been paying attention to your feedback and saw that you really missed the regular rotation of creatures on the map. While we had planned to release this in our next Update, it unintentionally found itself in one of the bug fixes.

This feature is intended to rotate local creature spawns on the first Monday of every Month, which is why you noticed the change yesterday, the first Monday of August. The next rotation will happen on the first Monday of September.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope that you’ll like this new feature.

Happy playing!


This is what I suspected was the case, but good to finally know.

Thanks @Eugene


Thank you for addressing this. And an additional thank you for hearing us and rotating local spawns.

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So locals will stay as 1.14 until September?

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So… a bug just created an insanely cool feature?

I approve.


Considering COVID19, and how we want to go to other zones, but can’t see to do it all that safely this is an excellent addition. We can call it a migration. Hopefully, the migration is all 4 zones.


Thank you. That’s great news.

Great news that it will rotate but did we have to have the same local we have had for 2 years on the first rotation?

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Low hanging fruit.

Address the instant invincibility taunt issues now please.

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Not all of them are the same creatures as the locals before though.

Like Local 2 never had Irritator or Mammoth. So it’s not so bad that we are back to the previous locals, and it’s only for a few weeks.

Remember when some weeks before 2.0 Ludia made a survey about our preferences? There were many questions about if you like battling or exploration more.

Then Ludia released 2.0 which was clearly an updated focused more on battling than on exploration. And now we have this info:

I bet Ludia planned to release two big updates, one focused on battling (2.0) and other focused on exploration. The survey was to see which one we want to get first (it probably turned out that battling won).

What does it mean? Well, maybe an another big update is coming! This time focused on new exploration features, like the one mentioned in this thread!

It’s just a theory but I hope it to be right.


I’m still waiting a big update which fix almost all the bugs we have on this game

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I’d love it. more exploration features! More QoL features!

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Finally we get monthly rotations

Thank you. It’s actually a pleasant surprise that they rotate. We’ve been asking for this to happen for ages.

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Finally some good news from Ludia
thank you Ludia, hopefully you can fix the instant invincibility bug . Best update for me

Thank you! @Eugene for the knowledge, I was so curious! :grin:

Whoa! I never thought about it that way! Cool Idea, hopefully it happens! :crossed_fingers: :grin:

We only had 2 weeks with the new locals and not we are back to the old ones. We already have tons of dna from old locals. Just change it back to 2.0 spawns and skip the old zones for this time.

considering the old locals are not exactly the same as before, i think its fine. It changes every month so a 4 month cycle to experience all 4 locals and Ludia could rock the spawns again.

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