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[News] Jurassic World Alive | January Boosted Supply Drops

Hello fellow DPG members,

From January 7th to February 4th, you will notice that Supply Drops (VIP included) will contain 50% more Coins and Darts than usual.

This will not affect Special Event Drops (green), nor will it have an impact on your daily coin limit.
For details on daily coin limits, please see here.

This means that you will be able to collect more coins and darts in a shorter amount of time while braving the winter weather!


kiwis and aussies, rejoice!


We’ve figured but thanks for the communication. Now we are sure that it’s not a bug :wink:


Fantastic, we thank you!


As a non-VIP I find the average coin drops to be less than before (although the minimum increased). First I noticed it myself, then found a topic about it here, so it’s possible I’m not imagining it.


Thanks! It’s really useful for winter time :+1:

so when we are at 140/140 on darts, we now can get even more than 44 from an SD? :grin:


But the winter lasts till at least the end of Feb! Hint hint hint extend it! :wink:

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No bad winter weather here in Florida either, but it’s still very much appreciated.

Thanks, Ludia!


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Much appreciated @Jorge!!
It’s been really chilly in the north east (USA) and this definitely helps! Great idea :bulb: :moneybag: :dart:


Thanks for the official update! Much appreciated by your fans when you communicate. Keep it up!

Also thanks for showing your consideration for those of us having to brave winter weather to play this game. Its a legitimate problem for these types of games.

Now if only you could increase the epic spawns by 50% :wink:


Thank you!

Thankyou very much!! feel free to increase the cap too… thatll make me feel real warm inside lol.


Keep opening the chests. I haven’t hit a cap on chests today. Just stopped playing and still no cap. Showing incubators opened and battles so you know coins not from there.

i hit the cap on chests. i was trying to grab as many coins as possible today to lvl up a dino. started the day with 1700 and got over 80k couldve had more but i tapped into the days coins last night.

I opened a lot of them today. Most of them were 500 or 1000 but I did have a couple 5000 coins. As of 11:30 PM est they were still opening and giving me coins on 3 different accounts.

not sure when the reset is. i clicked on one in the distance and it shows no coin limit so my guess is 12am. i know i hit the cap around 7pm. was getting 500s 2500s and 5000s.

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This ^^^^^^

But 50% increase on 0 is still 0 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I wish they’d increase their efforts towards banning spoofers by 50%.

Oh wait…