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[News] Jurassic World Alive | January Boosted Supply Drops


@Jorge Thanks for the increases. Could you ask the devs if they could expand our darts from 140 to 300. That way if we run a large scent and see 20 dinos it would cover the max darts at 15 darts per dino. Thanks.


For the second day in a row I collect approximately ~1.5 times less coins than normal. I think you might have accidentally turned on the green stops’ “half the spins give no gold” “feature” for regular stops as well.

Just as I was done the game said it updated and needs to restart. Hoping this was the fix.


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You are absolutely right and it’s still not fixed. Lots of spins without coins and a lot with the minimal amount.


Since yesterday, I and my friend noticed that darts were mostly rewarded for normal and event supply drops. The frequency is way higher than before… so much for ‘increasing everything by 50%’

Truth be told, I spent about 2 hrs driving around trying to obtain about 4000 coins just for event supply drops!


Great news!




Would love some vips to share similar data to compare.


I max out on coins before hitting the required 50 SD. So that is definitely a big difference




I’d like to see what the difference in the average coin collection rate is. Doesn’t help if you’ve been maxed for the larger half of these 100 spins.

This is helpful though, thanks.


I was maxed on coins and cash long before the 100 SD. Only hitting them now for darts


Will try to capture something tomorrow


Before this “event” started I would have been maxed from this amount of spins. Any way to opt out of the event? :sweat_smile:


How many supply drops do you have to do for 12400?
I mosly get only 74 and sometimes non of it.
Got now 2808 /12400
If this is boosted it’s a sad story


I’ve spun 40 supply drops today (probably five of which were green) and I’m at 12,600 coins collected from orange drops. So 12,600 coins from approximately 35 orange supply drops is about 360 coins per spin. That’s with VIP and level 20.


Here’s mine from yesterday. VIP. Getting a lot more coins now, even up to 900 I think at drops so reaching limit faster. Mine coins were maxed out on spins until 7:00 PM est last night due to playing late the day before so I opened a lot of drops for darts before getting any coins. I always go way over the dailey requirements for dna and darts, etc but my limits are still low. Won’t complain.


Ludia’s professionalism in handling this issue is alarmingly reaching niantic levels.


Are there gonna be any coins in them or are we stuck with darts for a while?? Ever since the event began I’ve been getting 90% of darts in these and almost no coins… thanks for this “generous” gift I guess…

But seriously, maybe it’s just a bug that needs to be fixed, but it’s quite annoying