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[News] Jurassic World Alive | June Legendary Rush Event 2021

Celebrate everything Legendary DPG members, featuring Legendary creatures and their ingredients!

Starting June 7th running until June 13th, fan favorite Legendaries voted by the community will rush onto your Map for a limited time! Make sure to keep tabs on the Event Calendar and News Center to see exactly when they will appear.

During this week, face off against a team composed of your selected creatures in the Legendary Rush Community Choice event. Don’t forget to take on a Legendary Boss and earn rewards in this Trial Strike Event!

If we haven’t mentioned the word enough, the week will be Legen….wait for it……dary!

06/09/2021 Update

  • The Legendary Rush incubator creature list has been expanded! This will also take effect for the rest of the week’s Strike Events and offers.

  • The Event Supply Drop selection remains unchanged.


Awesome! Only question is, how many attempts per group? Is it more than 1?

Also… Ha! Great joke.




Amazing! Can’t wait to see the Legendary week! :smiley:


Dang it I will on a trip to a cabin.

I’ll try to do the event


I would be a happy man if there are dodocevia, pyrritator, utahsinraptor, spinonyx, indorapptor gen 2, indominus rex and tryostronix in this event


Sounds cool, I am excited

I am very excited for this event

Does anyone else feel that Linda is throwing all these Dino’s out on the map to cover over the fact that they don’t have a fully functional game anymore and it’s a smoke screen??


What next? July Unique Rush?
I would personally like that event as my birthday is in July.
But hey,legendaries are cool.Thanks ludia.


Hey, at least their Forum is working properly…

”Stinson out”

Don’t think any of those besides dodo will be there as they are all easy to make dinos

Meh…nothing really exciting, except Dodocevia, if got voted. I’m sure we get more Indom, Alloraptor…

Odds are they had indom ready to go no matter what was voted

I hope Rajakylosaurus is among the event’s creatures…

Parasaurolphus lux please too

We knew about this event before they temporarily introduced the 40/20 system.

100% it has to be