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[News] Jurassic World Alive | June Legendary Rush Event 2021

Now if only the game would work. We’re over 25% done with day 1 and servers been down since 1am EST. Guess they’re older than the dinos you’re selling :joy:

When it gets a hybrid it’ll likely be in an event… until then, I’d rather dart dinosaurs I can use now in events.

Well, good luck.

I mainly just want an Indominus Rex.

Ludia humor! Lol. This so my humor!!!

That would be a little game breaking but I have also thought about that.

Does anyone know any events coming up?

That never happens to me

I never saw this on the map.

what do you mean by any events coming up

I meant that is anyone knows if there are any events coming up for the Game. Do you get it now?

do you mean calendar events? special dartable creature events? tournament events? creature chase events?

An update to the post has been added, take a look!

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Yeah. Those.

did you check twitter or facebook for upcoming events

So what
Not a big deal

I have to actually say that I don’t have Twitter or Facebook.

usually in an alliance discord they will post the upcoming events

How do I get legendary

Hmmm… O.K… Thanks.