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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Jurassic Summer Sports Event 2021

Start getting those stretches in. :weight_lifting_man:Jurassic World Summer Sports are here!

Celebrate Jurassic World Summer Sports with a week of Special Events.

Between July 19th to July 25th, explore the Map to find this week’s featured creatures, or collect them in the Showcase Incubator. Then face off against a team of Creatures chosen in this special Strike Event!
Bring a team of Fierce creatures to face off against the ‘Strongest Jaw’ Summer Sports Champion in the Trial Strike Event.
And of course, open Coin Chase boxes every hour and collect up to 25,000 coins!

Ready, Set, Happy playing! :medal_sports::muscle:


One question ? Will the coin chests available everyday or it just Will appear on weekend ?


Says every hour so I think it is everyday.

But last time they went back on their word and gave us only the usual sunday boxes.

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Sounds cool, hope there is T-rex if they r talking about strong jaw :).

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God I really want diplo dna this week I’m 200 off max gem

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Yay rexy I need a trex I so close to indoraptor

The “every hour” is by far the worst chest chase and you could potentially not get the 25k coin by getting 500 coin every time(even 1k per hour won’t be enough either) OR it could be the great version where every hour gives 2500 coin buuuut this is Ludia.

What about Update 2.9?

hasn’t been released yet, no one said it was going to release today


What happened to update 2.9?:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Nothing has happened. There’s no plans for Update 2.9 to be revealed today. Just wait until something is announced.

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Ok. I see an event. But what’s in the event? Not really enough descriptive elements to get me hyped.


That’s only if you spin the same drop over and over. As soon as you move a little, each chests gives you coins. So in fact, on a long walk, you can top the max quite quickly. So for me, the bad news is that after a while, you have all those useless chest, and I would rather have them turn into drop when you hit the max.

When the event calendar is posted could someone post it on here?

I was able to maxed the chase in 38 minutes last week. You just need a long walk or cyling

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i think its gonna be out tomorrow

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The event schedule will be the usual weekly schedule posted on Sunday.

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Still no event calendar?

nothing happened to it, they aren’t ready to even mention 2.9, we most likely will not see or hear about 2.9 until August or September