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[News Jurassic World Alive | Known Issue Since Update 1.9

Hello fellow DPG members,

UPDATE (09/16/2019)

The new update is available for iOS now.
This is not a hard update, which means you will need to manually update on your device’s store.


Please note that we have submitted a new version that includes the below fixes (including the issue with VIP membership). This new version is currently live for Android - we are on stand-by for iOS.
This is not a hard update, which means you will need to manually update on your device’s store.

The following are reported issues that have been confirmed by our devs. This space will continue to be updated if any further bugs are found.



  • Crit chance was 50%, will now correctly be 5%
  • Armor was 5%, will now correctly be 50%

Indoraptor Gen 2

  • Unlock cost was 250 DNA, will now correctly be 200 DNA


  • Unlock cost was 100 DNA, will now correctly be 200
  • Maiasaura fusion cost was 500, will now correctly be 50

Note that these fixes will require players to relaunch the game


  • VIP | Some players enrolled to VIP are experiencing an issue with the visibility of their membership. See HERE for that issue’s thread.
  • Maps | Alanqa does not appear on the map.
  • Battle | Diplovenator battle tool-tip appears improperly.
  • Alliance | Navigating from Campaign to Alliance causes Alliance icon to disappear.
  • Lab | Dsungaripterus is missing texture.
  • Store | Visual discrepancy makes it appear as though one can purchase multiple Boosts. This is not the case. The visual bug fix is in the works.
  • Campaign | Campaign Mission Incubators are not currently counting towards the Open Incubator Daily Mission.
  • Creatures | We’re aware that the Smilonemys is too powerful. We are considering rebalancing its attributes and/or abilities before the next major update.


  • Sending and receiving Friendly battle request is unstable where accepting a friendly battle request will result in the player being sent to the loading screen and the sender still on the social menu or one of the players will soft lock.
  • Players are ranked based on their highest trophy count of the previous season in the Alliance player list.
  • Expired DNA Donation Requests Remain in Alliance Chat for a short while.
  • Completed Alliance mission objectives are missing player name under player icon.
  • We have noticed more instability around connection and in the battle; we are actively continuing working on solutions.

Well darn I got so excited on Indorap G2 I didn’t even notice it was glitched.


Any word if those who fused for Phorusaura will get DNA back? I made 4-5 fuses before I realized the DNA cost.


Any compensation for The Indo glitch?

Also, Mutual Fury is not cleaning.

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thanks for info moderator. but i alredy did the error before these correction done, alredy wasted tons of maiasauria. i want my maia back, ludia. And i didnt activate any Mutual Fury for this mistake.


Will we get the excess DNA we spent back? Here’s my Indoraptor Gen2.


Du think we can get our maiasaura dna bk if we used 500 of it in 4 tries?


Okay but what about compensation? I lost 500 maia DNA to this stupid glitch


Hey MotherOrganoid, our team would be happy to try and correct this for you. Could you send your support key to our team at Thanks!


We need our DNA back. I’ve spent thousands of DNA fusing Maiasaura with the cost of 500 when should be 50. This is not fair! Please fix it!

the maiasaura fusion cost changed back to 50, but the extra 450 dnas per fuse used doesn’t come back

I may be crazy, but I swear brontolasmus was 100 to create and indom g2 was 150.

This is from a friend, but we think having too many abilities on the screen broke it.


Happened to me too.

Sent email to support. Hope to get my DNA back

Pterovexus animation for distracting impact is completely bugged

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Yup, had that one happen to me

And here we go again with an abusive meta based on immune creatures.

Liked more than expected this update but we still lack of power on Touramoloch. It can be thrown to trash so easily… Yes… Level 24 boosted with 6000 HP seems high enough. No problem. Thor comes with 1.5 and stun. Rip.

What do we have to do? Cry opening 100000 post as magna followers did? Give her stun immunity and extra HP.

There is no way a tank can handle anything again…


I fused twice with my maiasaura using 1000 dna When it should have been 100. It Will only be fair to get a refund of 900 dna back on my account. I’m sure a lot of players had the same issue before the problem Was fixed?

I emailed support a couple of hours ago for indom and indo gen 2 glitch. Do you know when I’ll get a response?