[News] Jurassic World Alive | Known Issues Since Update 1.10

Hello fellow DPG members,

The following are reported issues that have been confirmed by our devs. This space will continue to be updated if any further bugs are found.


  • Map | We have completely revamped the infrastructure to deliver a better geolocation experience and we need your help to ensure we provide a good experience in your region. For more information, please go to https://ludia.gg/JWA19_FR_Map_Update_1_10
  • Scent | Scents are not attracting park-specific creatures. This issue is currently in the works. We will be sure to include it in the release notes when it makes it onto a major update.

The following are fixed bugs in 1.10 that we’ve heard discussed most often by the community. In total, over 100 bugs have been fixed in this update.
Here is a list of the most outstanding:


  • Match timed-out state will not appear anymore when returning to the map from a change in context.
  • Match timed-out state will not generate a blank battle page when returning to the battle menu.
  • All sanctuaries will be shared with Alliances (according to the rules and limitations).
  • Several text (localization) fixes.
  • Boosts no longer temporarily appear in player’s wallets.
  • “Donated by” window doesn’t appear empty when tapping the “i” button when donation tile is ready to be collected.
  • Dsungaripterus is not missing its texture layer anymore
  • Players are ranked based on their highest trophy count of the previous season when reviewed in the Alliance list.
  • Pterovexus Distracting Impact animation freeze is fixed.
  • Incubators earned in the campaign, now count towards the different social missions.
  • Naturally spawned (e.g. not with Scents) creatures will no longer overlap with Sanctuaries.
  • Flying creatures now disregard vertical distances when calculating the Drone battery.
  • Players no longer need to reset the app in order to receive hard cash after watching a TAPJOY video anymore.
  • Buffs activated on the same turn as a damaging Swap Out ability no longer last an extra turn.
  • If a player still has an old Halloween Scent (2018), new Scents (2019) will only attract creatures from the 2018 list https://ludia.gg/JWA19_FR_Halloween.
  • On iOS in the matchmaking screen, game red text is appearing. This text has no impact on the game and cannot be interacted with. On Android, the text is left-aligned instead of centered…

Some of the above fixes require the latest 1.10.16, currently in your device’s store.
Thank you!


One thing I’ve noticed is that during battle, the effects of buff/debuffs can’t be seen. Most notably on slows and evasion abilities. The abilities work, just the animations and visuals sometimes don’t show.

The update broke the sanctuary. When you get out of one sanctuary, you then are brought to the alliance chat instead of the shared sanctuary tab.


" Scent | Scents are not attracting park-specific creatures. This issue is currently in the works. We will be sure to include it in the release notes when it makes it onto a major update."
Riiight… probably in 2020.

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When I switch from my Google account to my Facebook account it gets stuck at 19/25 on loading and I have to kill and reload to get it to go all the way in. This happens on my new and old Android phone I use as a tablet.

What??? :confused: My wallet?

By the way, the update made all the 3, 5 and 7 step towers single step.

They put out a post at the beginning of the week that they were changing all events to a single battle when everyone started rioting about the new boosts that had just been released.

Some creatures are not producing any sound while entering the arena. I’ve noticed this with Thyla and Quetzorion.

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I have noticed that there is not enough time to click on pop-up Dino’s while I’m out DNA hunting.

yeah. I’ve missed out on a couple of rares an epics because they pop up and 2 seconds later they disappear because i’m out of range.

I notice when leaving a sanctuary it takes you to the chat screen and it’s a messed up load. You have to tap sanctuary again to go back in but chat is messed up.


Alliance chat is more broken than ever. Constantly shuffling chat, displaying week old chat, requests disappear, and leaving sanctuaries brings you to a different broken alliance chat (normally displaying 1 random message and nothing else).



Event drops are broken. 3 dayS there only been one and a halloween event is going on :cry:

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LOL gee where to begin…
The speed detector in battles is broken again, where it just doesn’t show which Dino is going first. The chat doesn’t load and EVERYONE in my alliance still has issues scrolling in the chat, which that glitch has been a thing since the chat first got introduced.
The battles are slower now with the “new effects” that were added, now stuns and DoT take like 3 seconds to show rather than almost immediately after the move prior to this update. I thought it was due to the blood effects so I took that off, but that didn’t make a difference, the battles are still lagging and slower.

Also this is driving me absolutely bonkers…

Keeps notifying me every few minutes that I have an incubator to collect and won’t let me collect it. Someone in my alliance said they were offering a free VIP trial for a week, so maybe that’s why I can’t collect it because I’m already a VIP member. Who knows. It’s just annoying.

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Random but I noticed my autocorrect and suggestive text in alliance chat is no longer there.