[News] Jurassic World Alive | Leap Year Event 2020

Why would anyone go for Blue when you could dart Indoraptor G2 directly? :thinking:

Will start when the Epics go live

One obvious reason would be their indor g2 is already 30 and they are working on blue now.

I just joined the game and I came across many surprises!

This will finally let me max my indoraptor (~200 left).

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My own selfish reasons blinded me of this fact :joy:

Whew, fought that lvl30 leap. Raptor and indo was easy with lvl20 indo gen 2, but the lvl30 gen2 was untouchable for me

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how many attempts do we get @ indo gen 2 please? i have magna and indo gen 1 lvl 30 so im only after the gen 2 many thanks

I’ve only found commons so far… Here’s hoping I can find something better soon.


I was travelling from a city to a town, for an hour, I have seen ONE legendary so far, ONE!!

This event is just another fiasco in a series of stupid decisions… why am I even surprised at this point… :expressionless:


Ya same here all is full with rare but no legendary…it’s a fail like everything of ludia…


Yeah I’m not even gonna bother. From home I can see 2 commons and a rare in the distance.
Not gonna spend 4 hours driving around to get what’s supposed to be a gift. Something fun, something extra.


I spent 3 hours walking and looking for those legendary dinos and everywhere were bloody velo and other rare raptors. Is this some kind of joke Ludia?

They knew we will have problems finding them as they mixed them with bunch of common and rare creatures that most of us don’t even need now and we can get them daily anyway.


Is there anyone who didn’t expect this? :slight_smile:


I said it 7days ago this will be a fail :face_vomiting:


Raptor despawn and another raptor respawn…fail thx ludia for another fail…


Great day :slight_smile: got all Purutaurus

This isn’t even remotely a “walking” game. Why hasn’t anyone sued yet? Lol

This game requires driving. So take off the speed warning already. So stupid. Ludia knows you have to drives miles to get anything offered.


What the point of running these events when spawns are next to non existent? I’ve seen ONE Indoraptor G2 all day. Ludia always does this. No Turtle. No Snake and now, no Indo