[News] Jurassic World Alive | Loading Issue

Hi all,

Our team is currently looking into the issue related to lost connections and empty maps. We will update this thread with any news on a fix, so please stay tuned.

For more information on the issue itself, please visit the mega-thread below, and if you have more information to add, please do so in the same below thread:

We recently experienced a server issue affecting connections and loading items on the map. The issue is now fixed! Please close and re-open your Jurassic World™ Alive app to continue playing.

As a thank you for your cooperation we have sent 1 Rare Incubator to your in-game mailbox. Please be sure to collect it, as it will expire in 2 days.

Our apologies again, and thank you for your patience.


Hi I had the issue yesterday for a while and it’s all fixed now…Thanks for the incubator!!

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Is blue in the wild.I have been looking for her but haven’t seen her

Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for the incubator : ) Very nice of you. Maps and dinosaurs still not working for us 99% of the time unfortunately. approx 1% of the time working. We tried all fixes. Our phone was even shut down suddenly when the map screen keeps excessively freezing. Battle works fine. So unfortunately, no fix for us. We appreciate you trying tho :slight_smile:

Thanks for the incubator! Seems to be loading fine now. HST time zone

Here in Bardolph Illinois, seems to be working off and on still, but thank you so much for the incubator! I truly enjoy the game and will always support all Jurassic Park/World franchise because I love what y’all have to offer! Thank you!!!

A no it’s still not fixed tried all day today and yesterday. No map no connection. Can’t do anything. I’m connected to Google maps cycled game several times no maps. Cycled phone power still no maps. This game is only one not working. Yes I checked game settings and allowences.

Bonjour, ici en France, ça a été rétabli un court instant (le temps de recevoir l’incubateur Merci pour ça)mais depuis, impossible de se connecter et quand j’y parviens, c’est une carte vide avec écran figé

Thank you! Good to have it fixed at last.

Games down again!!!

Thanks for the incubator & making efforts to resolve the problem. Supply drops and Dino’s visible, app still frequently disconnects and needs restart as reconnect fails, but on restart drops & Dino’s still there so definitely an improvement on disconnects and no ability to interact.

Thanks for the fix and the incubator…

Sadly the game is down and down again - stops during loading… :sleepy:

As far as we know, she doesn’t spawn in the wild.

Here’s the unofficial spawn dynamics on our wiki

Or on Metahub

It really pisses me off when you’re loading a battle then it times out and hangs…after reloading the game, the battle is still running and you’re already losing! Not to mention being matched with higher level players… Fixed the bug!!!