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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Login & Championship Issues (June 7, 2021)

Hello DPG Members!

There were two issues that occurred this week and we’d like to update you on the status.

Login Issues and Connectivity Errors

There was a server issue occurring early this morning June 7th, 2021 around 2:00 AM ET to 8:30 AM ET that affected logins and created connection errors.

This issue should now be resolved. Compensation will be sent via in-game mail on June 8th, 2021 1:00 PM ET and will last 7 days before it expires.

May 2021 Championship Incubator Sanctuary Item Rewards

Our team is actively aware of the Sanctuary item rewards collected from the May 2021 Championship incubators not being fully distributed. We are currently investigating the issue!

This thread will be updated with more information from the investigations for both issues as they progress.

06/16/2021 Update

  • All players that collected their May Championship Incubators have been identified. In-game mails containing Sanctuary Items have been sent out as of June 16th, 2021 12:30 PM ET. Due to amount of players, it will be a slow roll-out so not all mails will be immediately received upon reboot.
  • If after 48 Hours you still have not received your in-game mail, please contact our support team at with your Support Key included.

Thank you for your understanding, and we will make sure to keep you posted!


Thank you for the update.

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Okay but @ned would the allainces get compensation for tier 10 because I know alot allainces need that for the login issue and 20/40 system it was unfair



Thank you for providing this update.

If you could please advise whether we should recommend alliance members to still collect championship rewards, this would be most helpful, too.
We do not wish for them to receive fewer/lose any sanctuary rewards, like the rest of us did.
At the same time, we do not wish anyone to miss out of collecting rewards altogether, when next tournament/championship begins on Friday, whilst you are still investigating the issue.

Thank you

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Additional note: You should still collect your Championship incubators if you haven’t already.


Thanks for addressing it and informing us!

So if we haven’t collected them, we should collect them, but the sanc items will disappear and we will be compensated for that later?
I’ve been saving mine and just want to confirm whether I should collect it now or later.

I’ve also heard that the boosts disappear as well, if you don’t use them before restarting the game.

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Definitely a good summarize of lots of game-breaking bugs right now. Though not a good approach. You should make a new thread and post all of it there and @ Ned or E.D.

I agree with all you said honestly and it’s sad that it only gets worse and worse.

Though it is a mobile game, and the foundation of the game is made outta spaghetti code. Which then screws stuff up when they add new stuff.

They would either have to re-make the entire code from scratch or put in endless of hours to fix and make every code better. Which would ultimately mean that we won’t get any new content for a while because they don’t have enough engineers or coders.

They really need to hire new computer coders with all the money they hoard in from the game… honestly smh.


Asking the real questions. Taking the game down for 7 of the last 10 hours of the season and implementing the ridiculous 20/40 without any commenting on how it affected the current tiers shows that Ludia truly acted (and continues to act) in poor faith not really caring about the users.

Instead of compensating for the downtime, they should give all alliances 10k cups and recalculate the rewards.


What about players who missed out on epic darting opportunities, during this down time .can we have a repeat of these chances, both kentro & sono we’re on many players list to do but sadly couldn’t.


Thank you for this update. I have heard from players online that when the tournament rewarf items disappeared, their previously stacked items also disappeared. If I have 30 saved feed/play items, is there a risk that I will also lose those, which were purchased? This is making me hesitant to open my rewards at this point.

Following as to know when to check my own game

Boosts doesn’t disapear, it’s only the sanc items.

Hey, so 200 cash doesn’t cut it. I was completely unable to finish collecting coins from the treasure chase, and there were many other players who weren’t able to do so either. They also lost out on hours of being able to dart the epic dinos featured over the weekend, as well as doing strike towers. And that’s just the stuff on the map. The game was down for almost 7 hours right at the end of a Championship. Meaning that players lost out on 7 hours of tourney battling where they may have needed it to get the next tier of incubator for their alliances. You guys need to address this, as 200 cash doesn’t even begin to fix what happened.


I agree. I typically don’t gripe about compensation but there are more things at play than what 200 Hard Cash can cover. This compensation seems to be addressing the direct tournament reward when the truly affected are those that were close to increasing to the next tier for the Monthly Alliance Championship, those that lost out on strike towers, those that couldn’t complete the coin chase (yes, coins are more valuable than Hard Cash… who would’ve thought -he said sarcastically-), those that couldn’t request Epic DNA in their alliance, and those who were not able to complete darting Epic-rarity creatures as part of the weekly event. This is very disappointing and it’s disgusting that you guys (Ludia) think that it’s okay to send this very minor “reward” as compensation for an issue with much larger implications than just missing out on some Hard Cash. Please address and correct this as the compensation does NOT reflect the opportunities lost to your players.

On top of the fact that I spend a good amount of real money on this game. I invest in your company to deliver a quality product and you dropped the ball on this one. And let’s be honest, hard cash is almost useless in this game as most use it to purchase coins or boosts.


Do not normally comment on things because am usually content with everything, but I feel like this time is very poor from Ludia. I’ve played the game continuously for 3 years now and being as laid back as I am it’s been pretty easy but very upset over this 200 hard cash compensation, I think more is needed


So I was offline for more than 7 hours and a lot of people where offline for not more than 1 of 2 hours. And we all get 200 hard cash?! I missed the 9 epic darts, I missed out on 25000 coins, I missed the epic strikes, I missed out the coinchests. Not fair at all to me. Also our alliance missed out the championship points to reach tier 9 because of this. No Ludia just give everybody 200 hard cash is not going to do it this time.


At least give us premium dinosaurus week’s incubators, i know it still wouldn’t be enough but iat least better than 200 cash

Here is my issues with what happened. We had a 7 hour outage that affected the play of the entire playerbase and cost everyone missed opportunities. Now compensation has to be done and giving what is 1 employee’s monthly wages worth of HC to be shared by the whole community is quite unacceptable and insulting. You can give more and better compensation if nothing to buy back player trust. What is the “loss” of a few million dollars worth of in game goodies compared to actual losses in revenue from players spending less or just outright quitting.

On top of that, the plans made for FIP rewards were chucked out the window because they didn’t come. More insulting is that it will take a week to resolve. Seriously… is there a decision maker who is on leave till next Monday that needs to approve the fix?


Yo no recibí los billetes ganados en el torneo y aún no me resuelven