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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Login & Championship Issues (June 7, 2021)

Ooooor we can post funny gifs and keep complaining and see what happens

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Alright everyone listen up. Criticsm is fine and always welcome, however it needs to follow our Forum Rules and be presented in a constructive manner.


Oh, that was you?! I liked the Monopoly money one!

There have been plenty of messages explaining why 200 cash does not even get close to cover the missed opportunities for the outage on Monday. However there hasn’t been any form of response to this, except when it is to discuss forum rules…


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Listen, there are ways to express displeasure and frustration and while it has all been shared with the team, there is not much else that I can personally do.

However moderators are here to make sure the rules are followed since the rules are in place to ensure all users can enjoy the space.

Continued disregard of the rules is not something that is tolerated.


Ok, serious, constructive complaint and question.:

How could the game be down for 8+ hours (and on two separate occasions) and not have a single mention of it on the official Twitter and Facebook accounts?

I don’t want at all to get into proper compensation because it opens up a big can of worms. I just want to focus on the ‘notifying users that something is dreadfully wrong with our game’ issue.

@Hank Is this the right place to have this discussion? Is this a topic that is ok to talk about on the forum?

Appreciate the concern, and this is always a good comment to bring up. If you want to share it directly with the team I would encourage you to contact support at

Discussion about that not being posted there is something that is fine to talk about, the only thing that we ask as moderators is that any and all posts follow the rules.

Ok, thanks for the guidance. I appreciate it. Gotta go look over the rules again…

Cannot find the previous thread, so start a new one.

It has been a week, and when will we have our missing sac items back? These were the sac items we got from the last tourney rewards.

OK, so the thread is merged.

But again, when will we get the missing items?

@E.D When should we expect to see a return of our Championship FIP rewards? Additionally, are you guys going to make any other comment about how we basically got next to nothing to make up for all the things we weren’t able to do during the hours the game was down?

Takes forever for these FIP rewards.

For the game down though, didn’t you get 200 in-game cash last week?

I believe players did get 200 cash because of the game going down, and of course that reward was pitiful compared to what players missed(strike towers, coin chase, darting, etc) and so many I think believe this reward was like a slap to the face or something

it was just a horrible thing(forgot the proper word for it, but its mentioned in the in-game email as something like " we’re sorry for the inconvenience, here’s something to make up for it!")

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Oh I got the 200. That was the “next to nothing” that I mentioned. 8)

Ya any news supposedly a week was all it was gonna take. It’s a week……where are our 30/30/30 FIPs?!

@Ned Its been a week now… Where’s the rest of our rewards?? Could you atleast update us?

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Hey DioJWA, the last update I currently have is that our team is gathering all the information necessary to send out the rewards to affected players. As this can take some time, the ETA was stated for this week. If we get news on any changes, we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Thank you, again, for your patience!

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And here we are a week later and everything is forgotten. I’m still extremely upset about this. Our alliance missed the next rank by 1.4K points due to players not able to log in for 7 hours. Europe was badly affected and we don’t hear anything from Ludia. Coin chase missed 25k. When is it going to be rectified?

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