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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Login Issue (August 5, 2021)

Best they take their time and properly test the fix. We have all waited this long. Just a a little more patience:)

im able to login through my ipad

I have intermittent loading issues, have to keep restarting to get invites so although not been permanently out since the update playing has been a massive pain in the backside.
So it’s not just 1/30 players it’s a lot more with issues still not resolved

@E.D I think you have the duty to give us an update. So you hold it in your hands that it won’t get a negative chat today

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Just so all forum members can see, a new post was shared by the CM!


The fix is live in the stores as an update. My game is now back as it worked.


Nothing changed here. No update until now

In the Google play Store I get an update available … but I don’t know if I should update or not!

If the game loads for you on version 2.9.25, nothing will change. If it doesn’t load, then there’s a high chance that it will start working again, and apparently a low chance that it will not. Either way, you have nothing to lose for updating.

Well, if it is not the correct update and they have not yet decided on the compensation, perhaps I could lose it and after a week and 2 hours waiting, I prefer to wait for the official statement.

Official announcement is here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.9 Login Issue

I updated it and it still gives me the 1/30 issue. I’m using mobile data atm and it used to work, but ever since the new update it hasn’t loaded.

I can finaly log in but the game restart my game from level 1. Am level 20 whit 6100 trophies I need help

It ok thnkx problem fixed. Thnkx to the thechs

Did update still not loading

Have you did the login with the Facebook Google or Game Center???

I’m still not seeing an update on the App Store! Anyone else?

Same here,no update up to now

Can download the game from App Store (just reinstalled) but there’s no updates showing on the App Store. Now is this a delay with Apple being the case or is the patch/update not working for iPhone users???