[News] Jurassic World Alive | Login Issue (August 5, 2021)

The problem is not only for android, also to ios

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Finaly ! It was so hard to réspond us since 24hours


The frustration is understandable. The suggestions offered helps in deciphering the issue which will help in having it resolved and fixed sooner. The team is working hard to get this fixed :slightly_smiling_face:


There is even advice from someone who doesn’t even work for ludia!!! For goodness sake.


It’s not just the users who can’t log on that this affects . It’s the alliances impacted by this too
This really needs a full package compensation for lost DNA INCUBATORS ALLIANCE CONTIBUTION COINS AND BUCKS not to mention people paying paying for VIP


Someone on here wrote: “I believe this error is due to the omission of vital cache files in the update APK. It affects those who had to uninstall the game to be able to update it (for the thousands of us with low-spec, low memory devices who have to do this every update). Maybe others too.”

New players cannot join the game now because they get stuck at 1/30 too, so I think he is onto something there. The problem is bigger than you think, really.


@E.D How can we log out of things if we’re never able to run the game? It never even reaches the point of logging in as something (even as guest)?


It’s not just older devices, my Note20 5G logs out every time I get a raid invite.


This is ridiculous has been over 24 hours since I been available to log into the game and now you still not knowledge that the iPhone iOS has the same problem….but when the time come for you take the cash from my account if I don’t pay you will just cancel my vip subscription ain’t……
this is just not acceptable Ludia we been more than patience and is that you have to say……unacceptable

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Guys come on they’re doing the best they can. Don’t shoot @E.D the messenger.


Where was the messenger 24 hrs ago

24 hours too late people are getting kicked from allys loosing resouces


At first I thought I was the only one. But I realised everyone (well mostly most) had the same issue.

Um hey. Maybe if you’d remember, the update wasn’t even out 24 hours ago. So before making a wisecrack, be wise and fact check it first

Nobody wants to shoot E.D. but saying “they are doing the best they can” is not an excuse. They should test these things before releasing them. Each and every Alliance on the planet is at risk of lower performance in tournaments because of this. Of slower progression over the weekly tier missions because of this. And so on. We’ll progress slower in a month where everyone wants a piece of Skoona.

So, I don’t care about “doing the best they can” or “understanding frustration”. I want an answer. What do I do when one of my best skill tournament players (1.4K trophies per tournament) can’t log in? Who gives me these points back if they cannot log in by Friday?

This I want to know. The rest is just words.


Hello :slight_smile:

My Girlfriend and me have got the same smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S20+ with the same updateversion)

I got stocked at 1/30 and the loginmask will not open.

My Girlfriend can play without any problems.

I have logged in with Facebook everytime.

She used Google Play.

I have uninstall the game before the new update, she not.

After this i stocked.

My Girlfriend had only updated the game and she can play.

I hope we can help. <3


This further proves it is a cache issue…ludia perhaps pass this on to the dev team!


I was referring to ED. Ludia is at fault and I’m not siding with them. But there are people bashing someone who doesn’t deserve it

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It took me less than 5 minuets to fix it so it’s confusing why it’s taking so long just re use the old data and cache files then update them after I had a copy of both and just used them instead of the new ones that get installed


Yes if Ludia had kept us updated even a little people would not be so annoyed and angry but to wait this long is insulting