[News] Jurassic World Alive | Login Issue (August 5, 2021)

Good summary … you can almost add 27 attempts of Coelurosauravus

About time there’s a update on what’s happening

Not receiving a Boost Reset has nothing to do with this login issue. At least you can play without a Boost Reset, unlike the people who can’t play at all due to this login issue. And besides, giving everyone a boost reset would set those who couldn’t play from said login issue even further, because they have less boosts to play around with. So it’d just create even more discrepancies between those who could play and those who couldn’t. If Ludia gives us a Boost Reset as a sole compensation I’ll be extremely disappointed, as that arguably sets those who couldn’t play these last 6 DAYS even further back compared to the others who could play.


Please bare in mind we are all only human and are allowed to be frustrated but primarily it’s mostly affecting me and my family we love playing the game but want decent compensation like a platinum or gold incubators due to the error as we are missing out on a lot while waiting

Due to covid restrictions everyone barely was able to leave home hence y it builds family activities

Not to sound rude here, but there’s no such thing as ‘primarily affecting one person or family in particular’. I’m truly sorry that you and your family also got hit by this terrible login issue, but each and every person who got hit with this login issue is affected. It’s not just you and your family who are affected in particular. Covid restrictions are in place for quite a lot of people to put it mildly, and everyone who is hit by this issue should be compensated fairly based on how much they lost while being locked out.

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Still doesn’t work!!!

Fair point I worded it wrong but my son has autism and is really frustrated that he cannot play his dinosaurs game currently and I hope we get a platinum or gold incubators or both for this huge error and uk is out of covid restrictions hence y this is frustrating


I don’t know how they will make the compensations, but to me, in particular, they are not worth even 10 gold incubators. Simply the 2500 bumpy approx lost would be a greater loss (and I am not talking about the rest of DNA, boosts, coins, bills, …) … so I am waiting to see what they will do.

I think everyone deserves more than incubators tbh

Well a premium incubators gives 20.000 gold a gold one 10.000 to 15.000 plus thousands of different DNA samples

That wouldn’t be enough at all. We want all resources we have missed during these days including adn, coins, hard cash and boosts…

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imagine thinking that’s what the post meant
i guess i should’ve included an explanation of the fire and fire-extinguisher relationship :fire: :fire_extinguisher:


What they should do is give players a choice of compensation not just random DNA in premium incubators. The problem with random Dna is getting tons and tons of what you already have tons and tons of. I think a build your own incubator is a great idea! If someone only wants coins let them get a million. If someone only wants to get the apex they missed out on etc.


First of all they should fix the bloody game !!!

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I think I know the relationship between the two so no need to go full sass mode on me.

Actually there is no reason why after they fix the game they can do a boost shuffle in a month as an apology to the entire game playing community as it affects everyone that play. This definitely first and foremost needs to be fixed! I’m referring to the login issues affects all players since the game isn’t a single player game thanx to alliances so whether you are locked out or aren’t it is affecting all players

I think a boost shuffle could be done, but not as an apology to the entire login issue. That needs its own separate compensation. After that, we can look into a Boost Shuffle for the entire community I think :thinking:


This wasn’t here when I typed my original reply, but while I can see the logic behind that for sure, the players locked out are missing out on a TON of resources. I know @CharlieBlue made a list of everything she missed, and every day it’s becoming bigger. This includes both personal resources like Coins, Boosts and HC, but also points for alliances and DNA from requests. I feel like this should be addressed separately, because that is something the players affected are mostly hurt by. I am not trying to sound like I don’t support your thought, I definitely do, but I do have a different opinion on how it should be handled. A Boost Reset could definitely be a good thing for the community, but it shouldn’t be done because of the login issue and to fix the issues caused by the login issue. (please do correct me if I’m reading your message the wrong way)


Ok apology is a wrong choice of word but whatever they do it can’t be the usual thing they do when something goes wrong it needs to be something that can appease all the players that doesn’t feel like a band-aid on a gunshot wound. If they want to win back our trust they need to go above and beyond as this is the worst thing to happen since game launched

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