[News] Jurassic World Alive | Login Issue (August 5, 2021)

Official announcement is here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.9 Login Issue

I updated it and it still gives me the 1/30 issue. I’m using mobile data atm and it used to work, but ever since the new update it hasn’t loaded.

I can finaly log in but the game restart my game from level 1. Am level 20 whit 6100 trophies I need help

It ok thnkx problem fixed. Thnkx to the thechs

Did update still not loading

Have you did the login with the Facebook Google or Game Center???

I’m still not seeing an update on the App Store! Anyone else?

Same here,no update up to now

Can download the game from App Store (just reinstalled) but there’s no updates showing on the App Store. Now is this a delay with Apple being the case or is the patch/update not working for iPhone users???

Nope nothing on App Store yet

Now that the game is working please if someone suspect a hacker on this game. Write his name and send it to Ludia. Somes stranges things are happening in the pvp. Those kind of stupid guys gonna broke the game again…

Still nothing

The app store still showing the 2.9.25 version for me still both on android and iPhone - how long does it take to be available?

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Same here Firebird

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I prefer a boost shuffle event when Hydraboa is unlocked so we can put it fully boosted

Hola querida Ludia, llevo 1 semana sin poder acceder al juego, hoy que por fin ha sido posible acceder finalmente, entro al juego y que me encuentro? Una incubadora dorada que me da 30.000 monedas y adn de dinos inútiles, de verdad esto es lo único que vamos a recibir la gente afectada? Espero que estéis pensando en algo más que esto, porque si no menuda vergüenza.

Lo que dicen: No esperes nunca nada de nadie, y no te decepcionará.

Si solo nos van a indemnizar con esa tontería, deberían haberlo ahorrado, total… Peor no pueden quedar.

Just seen an announcement about compensation coming out to all players via email later. I want to know if that means all players or all players affected as if it’s the former it is NOT compensation at all - we will still be ‘behind’ those who were at an equivalent point to us who were not locked out for a week.

I am not happy if everyone is getting this - it should just be those who have not logged in for the last 6 days.

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Translated From Spanish:

Hello dear Ludia, I have not been able to access the game for 1 week, today that it has finally been possible to finally access, I enter the game and what do I find? A golden incubator that gives me 30,000 coins and dna of useless dinos, is this really the only thing that the affected people are going to receive? I hope you are thinking of something more than this, because if not, what a shame.

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Ich wäre schon froh wenn im App Store tatsächlich die neue Version 2.929 verfügbar wäre, ist es aber nicht und so komme ich immer noch nicht ins Spiel​:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: