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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Lunar New Year Event 2021

Happy Lunar New Year DPG members! :confetti_ball:

Between February 8th to February 14th explore your map to find Special Lunar Event creatures, exciting Trials, Shop Offers, Strike Events, and a Lunar New Year Treasure Chase.

Collect up to 8,888 Coins daily during this special Chase Event! :sparkler:

Happy Playing!


I was wondering when we would finally get a lunar new year event week

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To anyone wondering these are what dinos were featured last year and will hopefully be featured again


cool. any new creatures added to the scent this year?


It already looks like the scent is updated from that photo, based off Oviraptor being in it.


Woolly rhino too

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My blind eyes totally missed that. :joy:

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more sino = more thors/allosinos


I could use that erlikosaurus dna.


Oviraptor was introduced to us this year. How come u this pictures was from last year? U go to future then go back to past and waiting for today to mention that? :joy: :joy:

Lots of players don’t use all their event scents and keep them in the tab as sort of a collection. If the scents are updated from year to year the tend to get updated before the event happens.

As one of those suckers, I confirm!!! (Just checked it)


The oviraptor is in it look
Lol :rofl:

Nice , hope the chest come on my range , I didn’t got Thoradolosaurus or Trykosaurus on my range :sob:
And mostly chests don’t make .

So, no Valentine Event this year?

Pretty late for lunars why none in jan ?

Lunar New Year follows the Lunar Calendar which is not a fixed date for the New Year. Usually it rotates between a late.Jan appearance and an early Feb appearance.

Lunar event follows the celebration of LNY.

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I need all of those dinos dna