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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Lunar New Year


Hello fellow DPG members,

Jurassic World Alive is full of Lunar New Year events this week. Explore your map to find Special Event creatures, Shop Offers, Strike Events, and a Lunar New Year Treasure Chase.

Collect up to 8,888 coins per day at Lunar New Year Treasure boxes by visiting them up to 10 times per day.




Was wishing to find more details on this event:

  • Is it similar to last weekly treasure chase where we can collect same once every hour.
    [Ans]: Seems like you can collect one treasure chest once (chests seems to reset after 1hr) which gives you 888 coins, and the others do not disappear. You can collect a total of 10 chests totalling 8888 for Lvl20.
  • How long this event will last: 1 day or entire week.
    [Ans]: Seems to last entire week based on timer.

Will wait for others to confirm.


Thank you so much!!!

For those who do not know, Chinese people consider 8 is the luckiest number because 8 sounds similar to “make a fortune” in Chinese.

That’s also why the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics was held at 8:08pm on August 08, 2008.


Very nice graphics and events tied into the holiday. Greatly appreciate the work Ludia devs put into it.
The Lantern festival is the 15th evening (full moon) after the New year’s new moon and is the culmination of the holiday. So something super special on 2/20???


Actually you would have to open 11 x chests, the last chest is for the 8 coins if you bother or are a completist. :wink: