[News] Jurassic World Alive | Map Post Update 1.10

Hello fellow DPG members,

UPDATE (10/25)

With the help of your feedback, our team has been able to further optimize the map spawn points. Map improvements will become more noticeable as these optimizations roll out throughout the weekend and into next week.

Thanks to everyone for their help in the matter!

As of Update 1.10, Jurassic World Alive will be using new technology to track dinosaurs on the map. These changes utilize new software which will greatly benefit the geolocation aspect of the game in the long-term.

This said, as with all new tech, new challenges are to be expected. We want you to help us optimize these new tools by writing in at support+map@ludia.com with your Support Key and Screenshots of your map.

Thank you,
Jurassic World Alive Team


My neighborhood was already sparse with incubators and supply drops. Now it is a barren wasteland. I have 2 supply drops and nothing else within any reasonable distance. I used to have 5 along with incubator drops. That really is limiting. I did email you as well on this.


^^^ exactly the same, I went from 6 supply drops and 2 sanctuaries, usually 1-2 incubators. To 1 supply drop and nothing else.


Sorry guys, but you don’t deserve positive feedback from me for map changes. My map is almost empty now 2-3 blocks around where I live. So If I’m not able to got out of my house, can’t spin drops (have one until free vip ends), can’t dart many dinos, cause I can get out of darts… So I can’t even help alliance.

Also, blood splatter for crits looks horrible.

EDIT: Alliance chat has endless loading.


I previously had 5 within reach of my work desk, and now I have 6.
One extra in reach at home as well.


The amount of boost I recieved back is far less than what I had, I can now boost a few up and it’s gone.
While before I had far more creatures boosted.
I can’t even boost up my full team I use.
I lost my supply drop in my house sadly.


I used to have quite a few supply drops in my area and around my house. Now I’m going to have to walk 15min to get to the closest one. I don’t always have time for that and being able to reach some from home was great. I literally just got back into this game and now it’s going to be too much of a pain to play


Went from 6 supply drops to 2 in my neighborhood. ouch

Are stat boost refunds supposed to be so low? Or are the upgrade costs accidentally 10x what they should be?


I can reach four instead of three now. Nice

What the…

Seriously Ludia, I used to have 10+ supply drops/event spawns/strike towers whatsoever in my 200 meters radius and now there’s NONE left!
You know it is sometimes nice to be able to collect stuff/do strike battles/hunt (event) dinos without having to go outside every hour. I dont know why you had to make this changes in the first place, but I would really appreciate it if u make this undone ASAP

Thank you in advance.

Edit: also not a single regular spawn, this is madness


You want feedback? Give me back my 3 supply drops! You always do things to try and better the game but you screw people over by doing it… that’s my feedback!


I’ll count myself as blessed then as I gained 2 around my home.


Same as everyone here, no supply drops anymore…


Mine has stayed essentially the same. Possibly better.

Edit: Worse locations for supply drops, they are on private property in an industrial area.


While I have the same amount of suply drops near my house, their positions are kinda weird and now the one I had close is too far away. I also lost 1 sanctuary.

Plz don’t wipe my drops…

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Me too. The same problem

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I gained a sanctuary so I guess that’s cool. Kept all of my supply drops just arranged differently now. Also up the strike tower spawns. every week with yall they get less and less now I have to drive to find most of them. I’d rather walk around my neighborhood.