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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Map Post Update 1.10

Keep us posted on what Google says! I’d like to know how they handle predatory in-game purchases like Ludia’s done with stat boost sales.

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GET 'EM Jon!

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The first 2 days the supply drops were about the same for me (common Dino’s at event supply drops). But the next days on rare and epics and this weeks commons the event supply drops drastically decreased in numbers. Ordinary supply drops are about the same number.

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:cry: it’s rare day to and green event drop still broke only one in area

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They moved 80% of drops and spawns to highways. Most are proximity spawns. So basically just get yourself a driver and play. It’s officially D2P now.


I agree with @CleverBoy regarding how you come across here: we’re paying to unlock the best features of the game, we’re doing all the “work” and now you’re demanding that we take screenshots of all the ways you’ve screwed up the map, and email them into this one way drop box (where we’ll probably never even know whether it reached a person, much less whether the issue referenced will be addressed).

If the changes to the map in my neighborhood are something you’re taking credit for, and you want to call them “optimizations”? well, to quote one of my favorite movies, “I do not think that means what you think that means.”

I live in a multifamily house behind a grocery store, and used to have both a supply drop and a sanctuary pretty much on my front porch. Both are now gone. I want both of them back. (I won’t bother with the screen shot, because I know you have no intention of bringing either of them back.)

There is also a very busy intersection about a 3 minute walk from me (two major streets, plus a 3rd street branching off from one and a 4th from the other) that we call The Hub. It’s an apt name, or was, because it used to be home to about 10 supply drops, any number of which could also be hosting a strike tower, Featured Creature, or treasure chest. That kind of concentration was justified, given just how busy that intersection is, how many streets are coming together, and it’s also been a godsend during the winter months because when the weather turns dreadful (more often than not, that’s the case, like it’s dangerous to be outside for more than a few minutes) having such a target rich environment so close, with a couple of businesses right there too if we need to escape the elements for even that short of a walk (yes, it gets that bad) is the only way sometimes that we are able to complete any of our daily challenges.

Well, it was nice while it lasted. I guess 4 is just as good as 10! Especially since it’s not like, you know, one can expect to get any darts from opening all 4 of those supply drops. Yeah, that’s right: another “optimization” I’ve noticed is that quite often I will get ZERO darts from a supply drop. It will happen two, three, four, even SIX TIMES IN A ROW. When I’m maxed out on EVERYTHING ELSE and darts are LITERALLY the ONLY thing I should be getting from a supply drop, I get NONE. I get the sound effect, and the spinny visual, and then abruptly I’m back where I was when I opened the supply drop, only with the drop being dark (because it’s been “opened”) and I have no more of anything than before I engaged in this pointless exercise.

Well, except frustration. And I bet my blood pressure went up, so maybe you could argue I have “more” blood pressure.

I’m usually an optimist, to the point of friends making fun of me for not being bitter about any number of things where bitterness would be justified. I am not optimistic that this game will ever change for the better. Actually, Lewdia makes so many rookie PR mistakes, messes up so consistently, that I have to wonder if it’s deliberate, if they’ve decided that making such mistakes and engineering such “optimizations” into the game (or at the very least, not fixing them when they are discovered or pointed out) is an acceptable way to manipulate our emotional states, which then makes it easier to convince us to spend money.

That is how cynical your company has made this self-professed optimist.

If there is anyone left at that company with something like a conscience, reading that should be horrifying, and a wakeup call. Again, I have zero confidence that describes anyone who might be reading this and who is employed by Lewdia. (Yeah, I know, trick question; of course “reading this” and “employed by Lewdia” are mutually exclusive, but if you pretend you don’t know that then my statement still stands.)


Map update a negative for me. Supplies all moved further out. I don’t see an improvement anywhere in my neighborhood

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Yesterday when I was out, for short time supply drops came back as they was. So i think its either visual glitch or then hide them with purpose. As I also see sanctuary on a place that never was and that disappears from time to time when map refreshes, I bet on first option. So either they made visual glitch that caused bugged sanctuaries worse or they just implemented new visual glitch.

Of course this don’t hurts them, so they won’t fix it soon.

Emailed them a week ago tomorrow, still no changes to the map. The game is unplayable for me, as even before I never could get enough DNA to get competitive hybrids for the higher level dinos I get matched against. Nothing to dart, no events, no point in battling… I’m not going to ever spend money on this game, and at this point, I’m probably going to uninstall and I guess go back to Walking Dead: Our World. It was fun while the game was playable at all.

50% of the supply drops has disappeared. Not gonna be fun to play during cold winter.


Few days ago sent email that nothing changed in my area, still no spawns and drops two to three blocks around my apartment.

While I was on trip yesterday (went with train), managed to find a reason why map iso glitchy in areas with many drops and spawns, when gps signal is strong and stable. I will write it here, that I don’t spam support mail.

When you spin drop, proximity spawn that appear in background temporarily freezes game and make it glitchy. In areas with lots of drops and proximity spawns every few meters game is so glitchy that is barely playable. Can you please forward this information @E.D?

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Sorry to say this, but i think this update was terrible, many players were hardly found supply drops - especially the green supply drops

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Same here. Emailed support twice, with screen shots. Still haven’t heard from anyone. Still no change to green stops except the few that I find either (1) don’t have anything under them (2) don’t give rewards for spinning (3) are in the middle of 6-8 lane interstates (4) are on private property. None in the parks. None in neighborhoods. Absolutely ridiculous that this is still going on. Makes me think this is more intentional than accidental. If that is the case, I wish they would just come out and say it so I would not get my hopes repeatedly dashed with every reset. I would just uninstall the dame game and move on to something less aggravating.

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I’ve uninstalled as the map hasn’t changed. Good luck scamming people into VIP when it only adds 1 or 2 drops to the 1 or 2 they already had, Ludia. I used to love this game and hated having to uninstall it, but as y’all haven’t even acknowledged the many, many people who have emailed support and expressed concerns on the forum, it’s clear that you have no intentions of making the game playable again. Shame, since I was interested in the new daily creature and had almost finally made the Indoraptor. I worked hard for him for months, and less than 100 DNA away, Ludia breaks the game.

GG Ludia. I’m never downloading another game of yours again.


So,couple weeks ago I complained about losing drops,now I’m back with 5 supply drop (6 if gps glitches).
Couple days ago realized that I finally have a park,


Thank you Ludia.


Have you tried subscribing to VIP and buying all the $100 and $50 incubators that pop up in the store? Or maybe it’s because you haven’t left a 5* review in the app store? Maybe that will fix things.

Sorry Ludia, you have to increase Supply Drops a lot.
In the early Versions of that Game it was much better then now!

Lost 5 drops since friday around my house.
In the neighbour it’s insane how many drops disappeard.
Hope they come back because now walking with a scent on gets me out of darts.

They just buffed spawns on last big update to get ppl vip back and with boosts 2.0 they decreased spawns and stops…,

I used to get all the 7500 coins spinning the green stops. These days I am lucky if I can get a third. If Ludia thinks that this will get me to spend more time on the game, they’d better think again cos all it does is to discourage me from playing more. One look at the map and that’s it, I can’t be bothered going out for those few supply stops.

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