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[News] Jurassic World Alive | March More (2019)


Hello fellow DPG members,

We’re melting away the winter blues this March with a whole set of r’awesome events! In addition to The March Movement events, we’re also getting ready for warmer days with the following:

Conquer the Carnivore Carnival!

We’re turning the heat up early in March with a week of Featured Carnivores! Expect to find a diverse group of flying, land, and hybridized meat-eaters from all the rarities, capping off with a Unique on Sunday March 10th!

St. Patrick’s Sprint to Spring!

Recently, we asked the community to vote for their favorite Unique creatures! On St. Patrick’s day, we’re going to flood the streets in GREEN! On March 17th, charge your batteries and pack your lucky charm, because you’re going to want to participate in the most rewarding DNA collection day in Jurassic World Alive history!


Yayy!! New events!

Thanks, looks like March is gonna be a month to enjoy. So many varieties of things to do in JWA!

Also would be interesting to see what made the top 3 Unique cut!!
Hoping Tryko is one of them!

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This sounds promising :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:


Smells like tryko :thinking:


I hope it is one of the holy trinity :smiley: tryko, erlidom, magna


Maybe it’s one of the flying uniques


that would break my heart a little bit :S


It’s quite possible … considering not many people unlocked them … Ludia may want the arena to be more diverse.


Giving it away wont make people use it. Doesn’t change the fact they both are bad


maybe I am wrong but none of them were in the poll right? so hopefully we can’t get the flying uniques :smiley:


Ppl may not use it but at least it will make tons of ppl happy as they finally can unlock one flying unique. Ludia needs happy players atm.

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Conquer the Carnivore Carnival may have the flying unique
St. Patrick’s Sprint to Spring definitely no


One day they will both get buffed, I don’t mind taking as a gift.

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ohh :smiley: bummer, still a free unique I guess :thinking:


:crossed_fingers:t3:Magna Magna Magna Magna Magna :crossed_fingers:t3:


a bit scared that it will be indoraptor :S too many people want to have it or level it

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As long as erlidom is involved I’m happy

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Do they, though? I’m a happy player :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: Flying uniques would not make me happier. More Tryks and Magnas would, though! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Erlidominus looks more like a herbivore to me. Hope they don’t include it. Indoraptor is the only true carnivore.


:open_mouth:! The carni unique is prob thor, and can’t wait for st patricks!

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