[News] Jurassic World Alive | Matchmaking Post Update 1.9

Hello fellow DPG members,

We are busy tweaking the matchmaking and trophy awarding systems for you!

We are starting with the implementation of modifications to the matchmaking system, where we will be placing more weight on your trophy score and less on the power of your team.

Previously, matchmaking evaluations took 50% of your trophy score and 50% of the global power of your team.

The recent change alters matchmaking evaluations to instead take 67% of your trophy score and 33% of the global power of your team.

These changes do not affect Leagues. The top 3 Leagues will continue to make evaluations based 100% on your trophy score.

We understand that in the short term this will make it difficult for some players to get an ideal match as they move to a score that reflects their current level of progression. However, that difficulty will be temporary and will result in better overall matchmaking in the long term.

This change is part of an ongoing process to perfect PVP balancing. Each time a change is made we will evaluate the impact and will communicate any new ratios accordingly. We are excited to follow up with more improvements in the future!


So the players of 5000+ were already affected only by Trophy count all this time?


I will believe it when I see it. I may be a little biased based on lack of accuracy of information on some of Jorge’s announcements.

If it is true, then that would be nice.

@Jorge your post indicates that the top three leagues (assuming you mean arenas) were only considering trophy count before. How can this be? Lockwood Library (arena 11 and one of the top 3) has been using the power score, and I’ve got emails from support that confirm that.


was that prior to 1.9?

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I think it was.

Thank you for hearing us.
This change is really needed.

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Anything to help with the -40 for losing to a much better team.


Fix Indominus Rex gen 2. Mutual fury is such a dumb skill. CLEANSE for an IMUNE creature and not even take priority when U power up theyr power as well as yours! I say theyr power because U don’t have at least priority on a such slow creature, I mean come on! I boost enemy hoping to stay alive? And next atack aloso his move because only 10% speed. Ludia, mercy please!!

Hello Hacote, Can you tell us what your trophy score is? If your score is greater than 5000 and was higher than your opponents even if your team was weaker, it would explain why you lost 40 trophies.

Wait! Are you saying that if anyone has a trophy count over 5000 and they lose to anyone with a lower trophy count, you automatically lose 40 trophies? What kind of calculation is that?!?


That must be it :sob: I hover around 4900-5100.

Does that also explain why I only get +20 for beating much higher teams?

Hello StoneCutter, It is my understanding that after 5000 trophies, it is the trophy count that matters more than the team power. What the exact calculations on how many trophies you gain or lose based upon the difference of trophies is unknown to me at this time.

Hi Keith, but how do you calculate the teampower?


That’s the big question. All we know is it’s a function of trophy count weighted with some function of dino levels, dino rarity, and dino boost levels.

Another big question is when do we get the feature that lets us see our team power in-game?


I’m not sure how this will play out, but let those who make the decisions know even if this ends up totally sucking I really appreciate having actual numbers (If accurate) so I can actually plan out a course of action rather than aimlessly battling wondering what’s going on. The worst part of the whole 1.7+ experience was not knowing how it works.
That bothered me more than the average guy I think.


Thank you for listening to us. It would be ideal to go back to the pre-1.7 mm and trophy algorithm, which didn’t consider team power at all, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!


This makes since. I’m constantly going in and out of Lockwood because of massive trophies loses. Brought this up to support last week. Would’ve been nice to know it was based on trophy count only the entire time. However it’s a good move. Right now in Lockwood I’m facing level 30 Dino’s boosted way higher than me but as they move up in rankings they won’t be there for me to potentially fight in the future. It’s gonna suck for a few more weeks but it should balance it out a little more in future.

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That is until the next season when trophy counts reset. But honestly, a bit more on trophy count and less on “team power” will make a difference. Players will be closer to where the should be in the rankings with their team. I’m waiting for the inevitable fall of my score. Mid - High aviary with lv 17-22 dinos is kinda scary.

Library has been like that since the update, I’m sure. Things are way harder in here