[News] Jurassic World Alive | Matchmaking Post Update 1.9

I wish everything was trophy count based matchmaking only. Sure, it was annoying for the lower arenas when droppers fell down, but in the end, the cream rose to the top and everyone was where they should be based on what beats what.


The 5000-5500 range is the most messed up and absolutely has been using team power and not just trophy count. I track all of my battles. On September 19, I was at 5267 trophies. I lost a battle and went down to 5227, which is -40. My opponent had 5434 trophies and multiple boosted level 30s (I have no level 30s). They had padded their team with a level 22 and a 24, bringing their power average down.


Players shouldn’t be able to manipulate the system by rigging their teams with one or two low level dinos.


If they change the way they’re saying, that will be harder to do

Very true.

And good game earlier today.

Gg… I don’t remember, I lost didn’t I? Pretty sure I was cursing you

I drew the rat and monosteg. First time I got to try that combo.

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The only problem with trying to compare your trophy count to your opponent’s is I’m pretty sure you only see their high score for this season, and not their current trophy count.


Yeah, I don’t know why they did that. I couldn’t care less about others’ high scores. I want to see where they are now


Matchmaking is definitely weird after the changes they did, I just fought this. I beat it, but it was new to me.

Ah, yeah, you may be right… good point. It’s so hard to tell if this stuff is working as intended when you can’t see an accurate trophy count. I will say, though, that when I swapped my level 28 indo out for a level 21 orion, I won 9 out of my next 10 battles after previously having been on a losing streak (and my battles seemed easier, too). People in the 5000-5500 range are pulling this “one or two lower-level/underboosted creatures” trick for a reason; I’m seeing it quite often.

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I did the lower level thing for a while, but that’s mainly because I had a Suchotator that was not only letting me down but also raising my opponents level, so I found out my unboosted Dimo 20 was actually better in my team average of 27, both for opponent’s level and usefulness in battle… I stopped that though, 'cause it was working less and less. Today I use a Gemini 22, which is a monster even at a lower level, and it’s boosted.

That’s exactly how it goes for me in lower library. I’m 50XX facing 52XX with boosted level 30s and still lose 40. I’m beating the same exact players and only winning 20.

Something is very broken.

this would be all well and good if your trophy count in anyway indicated skill and games weren’t largely determined by random nonsense like stuns, dodges and critical hits.

just using one dino for example, someone with a 28 thor is going to have a lower team power than someone with a 30. but if the 28 thor crits twice and the 30 doesn’t cit at all, the 28 really has more “team power” but when trophies are won/lost it will be based on the 28 thor having less power.

the trophy system is going to punish you for losing to a “weaker” player when you really lost to a more “powerful” team. if teams aren’t going to have their power re-calculated for in-game RNG, any trophy system is useless.

From what we’ve lived, there isn’t a way to make a perfect matchmaking system. We can can replace high teams with low or weak teams and drop. Then we can replace our low team with the high or strong ones and run people over and go on a nice long winning streak. I don’t think many do that. I’ve done this in a small way without being obnoxiously overpowering on the way back up.

  1. No one knows the actual trophies of their opponents because it shows high score not current so you cant go off that.

Fix. Stop only showing high score Show live score but also show user high score (just switch the numbers)

  1. Library is bugged. I went in at 5002 trophies with team avg of 24 and fought a 29 29 28 28. Lost 40 trophies. The most trophies I could have had over them was 2. Not a margin difference to warrant -40.

Fix. The trophy rewards are bugged for library. I like the idea of trophies only but the rewards don’t line up.


Tired of mm.

-40 against a team average above +3 level. And boosts also quite higher than mine.

Why even bother leveling or trying to improve if. Most mm are a joke?

I just wonder who are having benefit from this because if. We have so many wrong matchmaking it means many other users are unfairly sclating trophies.

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The biggest problem with this kind of match making is it creates exactly the kind of issues your hoping to prevent by implementing it.

Look at this guy…

Clearly he is using the algorithm to create an imbalance in match making. He is hoping to be paired low and roll high with his creatures. Now it doesnt seem to be that effective as his high score for the season is lower then that of a balanced team with an avg lvl of 23.

But none of that really matters in the heat of the moment when his 28 160 speed rinex is tearing apart a team because he got the match up he wanted when he designed that line up.

When your match making creates a terrible user experience for one of the players as often as yours does its time to go back to the drawing board

Im glad your atleast coming out and telling us your working on it. But unless your gonna put safe guards in place to stop this kind of team building from having any kind of success going back to 100% trophy base might be the best call.


Certainly seeing more diversity today with more Level 30 commons, rares and epics; makes a pleasant change.

Wait. IS that why when I was in Lockwood library I was only ever getting -40 or +20 trophies? That is terrible! -40 should only ever be for ‘a much weaker team beat you’ and +20 should only ever be for ‘you beat a much weaker team’

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