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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Matchmaking Post Update 1.9

Already read on Reddit Matchmaking over +5000 only takes into account Trophy amount and forgets about power level of team descarga%20(1)

Please also consider adjusting your trophies gain loss system because I just lost to this team :

While this is my team :

His 28 lv Thor was boosted to incredible level. And I still lost 31 trophies. I don’t mind losing. But please make thr trophies loss just.


Read my above post.

RNG is part of the game. Deal with it. After a match is made, a tiny bit of luck could determine the otherwise predictable outcome of a match. I don’t see the problem.

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Both me and my opponent are in 48xx range.
Besides, I’m not talking about not matching us together, but the fact that the trophies gain / loss should reflect the team power level difference as they advertised.

Well, I‘m still facing opponents that are way stronger than me and I‘ve lost almost every battle so far. So no change for me. Still annoying and frustrating.

I don‘t even dare to upgrade my Thor to lvl 26, cuz I expect to drop to 4500 then.

But you’d have a stronger thor, so you can go back up again!
In my previous experience with matchmaking you would never go down because you level up a dino. Just try to do it as equal as possible throughout your team. Not sure if it would still work like that but I think so.

I get arena droppers are annoying too deal with when they stomp back up, but truthfully the best matchmaking is solely trophy based, with an arbitrary 30 trophy loss/gain per match. The best teams will rise. Players will be forced to have a well rounded team, and won’t be able to sandbag their numbers with low dinos. Honestly, how it is, you have no idea if your team is truly competitive because your team is being matched with similar ranked teams based on power, not a player’s strategy and ability to play well.



Can you confirm that in Lockwood Library and above, matchmaking is 100% trophy based? No consideration for levels, rarity, and/or boosts?


Those teams with lv30 t6-7 commons crushed my lv28 opponents before, now 3 games in a row.

And the trophy loss issues hasn’t been fixed. When l lost to a team having higher trophy than me, I lost 31, when I won I gained 27.

I want to see BOTH! There’s no reason they can’t display both.


It very well may have changed since 1.7, but at that point they said team strength STARTS to lose influence at 5500, and is completely trophy based at 6000.

So even if they changed it to 5000, I would suspect that is when team strength STARTS to lose influence.

Note : at 5500 trophies and above, creature strength starts to lose influence over the matchmaking algorithm. At 6000 trophies and above, creature strength no longer plays any role in adjusting the matchmaking: you’re in the end-game, buddy!

All of that is very plausible. However, @Jorge posted this today…

These changes do not affect Leagues. The top 3 Leagues will continue to make evaluations based 100% on your trophy score.

I’d like confirmation that this means Lockwood Library and up are trophy count only, and have no dino level, rarity, and/or boost component to the matchmaking.

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Yeah, I agree. I would really like to know that too.

I have been following but did not see this asked, forgive me if it has.

How does MM consider two opponents on either side of the 5000 mark? Say one at 4900 and one at 5100?


Is this already in effect?

For me, it appears MM has changed. My ceiling was 3500 Trophies. When I hit that I would get a dramatic jump in opponents. I could go to almost 3600 if I got lucky in matches, but would eventually get too high and be pummeled back down. I would work my way down to 3400 or a bit lower, then slowly back up to 3500, getting pretty even matches, strength wise. Hit the magic 3500 and get much higher opponents. Wash, rinse, repeat.

My last battle today brought me to 3708. Similar level teams but much ‘weaker’; less boosted and many without a lot of battle skills. ID an immune creature more than once kind of playing. They all ‘show’ 3600 – 3800 trophies, but that means nothing. Thinking on it, my last 2 battles today, both an Allosino and a Rex were slower than Monolometrodon. That never happens.

I am unboosted so might have noticed a more dramatic difference in opponents. “Global Power” went from 50% to 33%. It is only looking at creature rarity/level for me but taking boosts into the equation for my opponents. My “Global Power would not have changed, while my boosted opponents lost 17% in MM. I would be facing opponents who boosted less. This would mean I am artificially low in trophies so should be gaining, as I am.

Correct theory there?


This new matchmaking is all well and good, but why is it based purely on trophies in the top 3 arenas and NOT everywhere?

A 50/50 split between strength and trophies still allows for the ridiculous use of crappy low level dinos mixed in with top level apex dinos. A blatant abuse of this type of mm.

So why can’t we have trophy based mm at every level?

If people are going to deliberately drop we may get the odd easy win as well as the odd heavy loss, but at least it balances itself out.


When I did some real playing on my primary account this last week after not playing but once a month for the last several months, I found the player level and team level in the trophy range I am in has dropped to level 16 players with level 20-21 average teams. My team was 24-25 average. I felt a little overpowering.

This is good because I just created a few new unique’s that were 21 and 22 dropping my team level a bit. I’m going to take the opportunity to just lower my team level so I have a bigger selection of dino’s to choose from and still be competitive, holding my place.

Looking as some of the teams 700 or so tropy’s higher, they are similar to mine to where I could move up closer to 5000. I kind of like were I’m at though because I can one shot those @#$% rats at this level with my Thor or Utasino.