[News] Jurassic World Alive | Matchmaking Tweaks (09/28)


The answer is simple
Less waiting time equal to facing opponents with stronger dinos or bots
I would like to remain in queue for a long time if this means to face people with the same dinos level of mine.


I really don’t understand what the big deal is … once you don’t care about losing you can move on!!!

I didn’t know about losing the dna!???


It is ok for me to loose some battles, but not to loose every battle. :slight_smile:
Also, it is ok for me to loose due to some strategic mistakes or due to some crits / stuns, but not to loose powerless facing dinos 5 levels higher than mine, feeling like I am the bot of the white strike event. :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t mind losing except in this game, losing means you lose out on good arena incubator exclusive dna so that means even people who just like to collect will still have to battle if they want to save them all! :laughing:


Why does the arena 6 is called the cage instead of lockdown


5 50 m is way too long, i enden up most of the time canceling searching opponent and not replenish the incubators xd


So, how will the number 1 ever find a match to get incubators then? :sweat_smile:


Over the weekend I actually fell asleep waiting for the match-up. Good thing it timed out this time or else I would have lost even more trophies


Roger. They hopefully addressed this in new update


I keep my finger crossed! :slight_smile:


I mostly had really bad matchups and I don’t know why? Ludia can’t even fix this even many requested lots of time?

just faced a player around 400 trophies higher than me. His level 24 Trogoditis killed my 2x level 20 and 19 dinos.


In Arena 6 (Lockdown) and above, you have the potential to be matched up with anyone up to 450 trophies above you. So while it’s not likely that you’ll consistently encounter level 24 Tragodistis, it’s certainly a possibility. The higher you climb in the arena tiers, the more likely you’re going to face “bad match-ups” (aka, stronger teams).

If you seem to have hit a wall in the arena, there are a few things you can do:

  • get out in the field and hunt dinos—unlock those Legendary and Unique dinos to counter high-powered opponents, or use Rares/Commons with good attributes as counters (here’s looking at you, Allosaurus and Tanycolagreus!)
  • prioritize collecting hybrid ingredients during the event showcases
  • complete those Strike Tower events—you’ll need those coins almost as much as the DNA
  • only compete in the arena long enough to win incubators, prioritizing team improvement over arena status

While this advice might not provide a short-term solution for you, it’s a place to start. Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. @Katja.

I am talking about arena 8, I keep hanging from 4100 to 4300 trophies. Mostly losing more trophies on losses than winning.

I do hunting a lot and especially in past 2 weeks, Got my Indoraptor and level 22 now. Last night after this message I really got angry and spent my 280K coins on evolving some Dinos, now had 10K coins left last night.

I did level up few and few from level 16 to 18 … like Rajaklysaurus (legend one).