[News] Jurassic World Alive | Matchmaking Tweaks (09/28)

Hello fellow DPG members,

We have given more time for matches to occur while also refining the scope for who players may be matched with.



The people with 450 trophies higher than me would completely wreck me… :roll_eyes:


Me at 4500 trophies:

Person in my recent opponents almost exactly 450 higher:

Result after battle: More than 450 trophies difference. Duuuude that’s a brutal difference, I didn’t even take out one of the uniques counting a swap out when I nearly did. Just comical at this point. :sweat_smile::rofl:


@Syg @Bunners So it isn’t just me then. I was wondering why I kept getting matched against teams of uniques this morning too. No amount of dino leveling will help me if trophy difference is 450. :sob: I had to deal with this team four times in a row today


If that trophy difference is the fix, what the heck was it like before!??


To complainers: the range for possible opponents has already been around 500 trophies, but now you will only face someone that far from your rank if the game can’t find anyone closer for almost 6 minutes as opposed to the 1-2 minutes it was before. This will lead to more balanced matches at the cost of (sometimes) more waiting time. Just what most complainers wanted.


The Cage? I’m not seeing this arena.

Also, almost six minutes…that will be …ugh…not fun.

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No matter what, thanks for working on improving matchmaking!

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You had a lot of fun for sure xd, i dont know how this guy is at 4,9k trophies and myself whit way worst team can stay easy in top 50 xd

5:50m i way too much waiting, just let it at 2m, i prefer face bots at 30 than theseextreme whales

That trophy range is no joke, but I have had opponents that much higher before. They aren’t much of a match. I shrug it off and try another one.

I will protest about the 5 min 50 second wait time. That is way too long. That is as long the battle takes. I would prefer a one-minute wait. If no one available, time out and try again or try later.

I battle while I am out hunting. After I catch one I can try for a battle while I am parked. Waiting almost 6 minutes cuts into hunting time. Wait 6 minutes, then do a battle. I wait the one minute and if no one is available, I go back to hunting. Stop at the next capture and try again.

We may end up getting people who wait then close the game in frustration so we are battling their ghost, AI making the moves for them waiting until the time is up.

Perhaps we could have a cancel button on the timer screen? So our longest possible wait would be 5 min 50 and we could manually opt out at anytime before that?

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All the t rex dna needed for those, how?? Do you just get 100’s in the 15 min, 3 hour incubators??

It was fun. Contrary to the “complainer” label, I was laughing at the Utarinex wrecking my team nearly single-clawed. :slight_smile:

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? That’s hardly any compared to some others. I usually see about 10 T-rex a week and I get a bit from incubators maybe once every 5 days. The bottom team is who I fought, my Playskool team is the top one.

Ahh sorry man I just saw the image :joy::joy::joy:

5:50 wait time :sleeping:

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It’s already boring to wait 2min for each match, but now almost 6min in worst case ? Ah seems legit

Any particular reason as to why it’s 5 min 50s and not 5 min, or 5 min 30s? :thinking: Seems a little random

imagine being in arena 10 and waiting 6 minutes to get a battle. have it decided by random nonsense like they all are and then “randomly (and by that I mean every single time) :rofl:” getting your incubator with stygimoloch gen 2 and proceratasaurus :joy:


I thought everyone agreed that we want less waiting time and they come and do it the other way around? Ludia, what are you doing???

No. I would wait more than 5 minutes to have a FAIR matchmatching! I am in Sorna and facing people with 450 trophies higher then mine is not fair, I can loose 30-40 trophies each match so facing people stronger then me will make me go into a never ending loosing streak.
We can fill 4 slots when we are at home so we can just push the battle button, raise the smart phone volume and make our stuff while waiting for a FAIR matchmatching, I would suggest 150 trophies but I know the game is too young to have the numbers of players able to have a queue that doesn’t last forever… But 450 I think is too much.