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Naa come on man play be interactive

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Happy to hear that Ludia is working on the matchmaking. I’m less happy to hear that they need to resort to AI in order to have battkes. This basically means that the playerbase is very small. If you look at how many times this game has been downloaded and take into account that they need to use AI to get battles, then you can conclude that many players have stopped playing this game. I love this game and i would like this game to succeed. So everyone: tell everyone you know about this game and make some publicity. And to Ludia: please make your game more attractive: fix bugs and glitches, increase epic spawns, increase event drops, decrease incubator prices for pay to win players,…


I think the AI/bots only applies to the highest ranked players who really don’t have a lot of human opponents available. I’m in lower Arena 10 and never have to wait more than a few seconds for an opponent… AI has never been offered (and I wouldn’t take it… I want trophies).

I don’t think this means that the game is not doing well (OK, I really don’t want to believe this :wink:).


Bots have been used to speed up que times at all levels of the arena… since launch i played many.bots at 3800 last tournament… this opt in part of the bots is the only new thing… but if bots are being used in what was upper sorna of last season… player base issues are being hidden…

Think about the recent changes to the spawns and other things they added to make the new player experience better… tring to keep the player base from getting to spread out on the ladder. Their insistence i vote for the game every day even though i already did. Notifications in jwtg to vote as well. My experience most people ive got to try the game played it for a few days then migrated away.


Sounds like the root cause of the problem is lack of players. For the amount of downloads, this shouldn’t be an issue, yet it is.
Perhaps all the bugs, glitches and cheaters should have been dealt with early on.
It would probably be beneficial if Ludia actually paid more attention to the players gripes, and addressed the issues. They have listened, but the results of the fixes have been less than spectacular. Other issues, completely ignored.
I appreciate addressing the matchmaking issues, I hope this isn’t where the fix stops regarding the matchmaking issues…


Ha no problem. Wish i would’ve read this when I was ranked 7th overall… would’ve sat there for a while. Here I was trying to boat-race to keep up with the people fighting AI’s and getting into the stratosphere all day when I didn’t need to…

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Since update 1.3 I have encountered very few bots, had been in Ruins for several weeks, but recall only 2 bots. I imagine there would be fewer in lower arenas.

Matches timed out occasionally, but wait times have not been excessive.

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There were nights i was getting 2-3 bot matches a night during the last tourney… nothing extreme but i do check after every maych to see if it was a bot or not just because im curious or not… todays i havent got any

But like i said they just condensed the player base into a more compact ladder to make bot matches needed less.

And then you’re not given your highest creature to fight the other person who is lucky enough to be awarded his highest creature in the RNG lineup. That’s bad and therefore shouldn’t be used.

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Love this idea big L you are not just listening but implementing better changes great work!!!

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Continuing the discussion from [News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5 Matchmaking:

Ludia Please, make “replay battle” in game, thanks

Yes I agree I love this game…just has few issues… but it is getting better… woo hoo

Yes but also download … many of us have had to take game off then download again… again… ummm

Yes. I m one of those that battle only for incubators. I stop battling after season 2 but find that I missed out on a lot of incubator only dinos. So now I’m back to the arena reluctantly.

I do wish that the system let us choose if we can pvp AI for incubators instead of wasting time in the arena

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Wrothgar, plaease explain why w/L record would be that important to you? I don’t think I understand the impact either change would make.

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Hey @Vasilli08 !!

Hmm. I find I am struggling to explain it well. But Ill try.

My thought is that we want matchmaking to be as “fair” (a vain life persuit frankly, but it is what it is) as possible.

I think we all agree on that.

What we wildly disagree on is what makes it fair. Part of the reason for that is we also have to deal with making things competitive. And dont forget incubators!

Fair COULD mean match on average team strength.

The problem is, you end up with people who are punished for levelling their teams. Suddenly collectors, children, even just slow or poor decision makers are now pit against very competitive players, leading to an awful lot of losing, and eventual loss of interest in playing.

Conversely, you also end up with smurfs. People who make new accounts, keep their dinos at a low level, and push to the top. Since they know the ins and outs, they make an alt account and only go for the very best dinos possible. If we match on level, thatd generally mean the higehst rarity that makes sense (e.g. get stegoceratops and keep it - and your whole team - level 11, poop all over more normal level 11 folks, make it to the top of the leaderboard as a level 11 team, having put minimal time and effort into team development- since they never match players at a higher level). If we match on rarity the same thing. Keep to suchotators, etc.

Plus this leads to much higher match finding times (in clash of clans, its referred to as the “clouds”, what you see while you search - and at high levels could take over an hour. For 1 match.)

Not to mention some folks simply level up suboptimal dinos cause they dont know better. They are punished heavily with a system like this.

And finally if you go average team level, you will also end up with some folks just gaming it other ways- level 20 stegodeus with a level 11 suchatator for example. Bring average team level down, making it very hard for normal teams to deal with the 1 or 2 overlevelled beasts that can sweep teams.

In short - there are better ways to do this.

So then you have w/l ratio. This, like the strength/rarity system, can be gamed. But it balances out. For every newb you roflstomp to tank your rating, you have to give a newb a free win.

This, however, helps the legitimately bad players still have a chance to win with overlevelled cards. Do they have a shot at top 500? Heck no. But can they at least win sometimes? Yes. And we can all agree winning is more fun than losing.

This also helps break losing streaks. You don’t have to be a bad player to have a bad time. If I am mass losing, match me against someone else who also is. At least weight them higher than other potential opponents. One of us will come out with a win - barring a tie.

Ditto for being on fire. If i won 5 in a row, place me against someone else who won 5 in a row. Obviously you cant keep it exact, have tiers. But this helps mitigate the gaming of the system - and helps prevent rng streaks too.

Also, it allows the lesser skilled players to settle into a range where they can win half the time. Yeah, maybe they outlevel you by 4 or 5 levels, but their skill (and yours) makes up the difference.

To me, if a system is going to be implemented, it should be this.

Now to adress those that dont even want to compete…

We need a way to not just get incs, but battle each other without trophies. A lot lower stress. Anxiety is a real thing. The incs you get could be based on your current competitive arena, so you cant avoid it forever (how else do you know what to put in your inc?) And you should have to battle at least once per season reset to make sure you didnt blow to arena 10 in 2018 and are still collecting incs for it in 2020 or something. But it should be minimal.

And finally we really need level synced tournaments.

But since Im typing this on a phone and my thumbs are going numb, I’ll stop here.

Does that answer the question? I am glad you asked it!!


Lots of typos. Oi. Hope i got em all.

Really hope this discussion takes off too, its important. Lets get some other opinions here.

I suppose a lot of what I talk about doesn’t affect people who care enough to post.

I do hope its all taken into consideration though.

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Hi @wrothgar , in my opinion team strength don’t need to be added cause people may take unfair advantage climbing arena being matched with new players with average team of 6 and being top 20.

Win/Losses… I don’t know, honestly, I need to see what Ludia is planning then I can judge. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @SaraCuriosa :slight_smile: