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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Matchmaking


Case in point lol



thats sucks!! with my suggestion, hed only be able to match up with same rated teams or bots… that shouldnt happen to anyone.


@roshansoma pointed out something that I like and I think is a good compromise:

Trophies (NOT MM) gained/lost should take team strength into account. No more -46 to a guy who has dinos 6 levels higher.

If anything, this preserves the skill part of the ranking. If you are good enough, you will overcome the level difference and take more trophies from that guy. If not, well, he just got 12 off you.

It also pits low level smurfs against higher level normal players. Works very well.

Oh, and making battling the same person twice in a row improbable please.

Ludia, please consider this as a solution for you.

Regarding rng, please find a way to stop streaks. They arent fun. 3 games in a row, 0/2 on 75 stun, 3/3 getting crit by something with 5% chance. Happenong once in a while is fine. But right now its too streaky.


i guess my biggest gripe is fighting teams that are 3 or more levels higher then you. its not really learning when you are facing the same dinos just higher level.

the decreased trophy loss would definately help though. id just like to see more fair competition. ill see plenty of those 30s when i get to that level.


As someone who only battles for incubators, this is great news for me.

Guess I’m coming back to the game now. :slight_smile:


My question: when matchmaking with team strenght system arrives, ludia will announce before?

I say this because of arena droppers. If someone in arena 7 drop to arena 3 for example, and the game updates to this new matchmaking system, one will find very hard to go arena 7 again, LOL.


probably just change your team untill you get battles.


But the promise isn’t exactly “team strenght”? if one setup a weak team, the system will put him in battle with other weak team. If one change to a stronger team, then comes a strong one to battle.

This way no matter how you setup your team, with diplocaulus or indoraptor, matchmaking system will always set a compatible battle, and will have same difficulty (at least approximately).

This way advanced user that was dropped to arena 3 in my example, will not win easily to get up again to arena 7. One should quickly set strongest team to win win win win… and go back to higher arena before update to new “team strenght” matchmaking system. If Ludia send an announcement, if we consider updates are mandatory to open game since released.


We plan to either include a player’s Team Strength and/or Win/Loss Scores in order to give them a more favorable experience.

So are you going to adress this issue before the last f2p player has left the sinking ship, because they have had enough fights against people with dinos 6 levels above them? I just can’t understand how little you care about the future of the game :roll_eyes:

Always when I fear I’ll never amount to anything in my life, I force myself to remember that at least I am not working for Ludia Games lol.


I would love to see a tournament that uses the balance system in the friendly matching system one time.


If fuses weren’t all 10s, with an occasional 20, there would probably be a lot more teams competing at higher levels…


Maybe a team selection algorithm would work in the automated selection of the four dinos to battle each other.

E.g.: Team “A”'s {Sum of the four RNG dinos [speed X (sum of individual Dino’s offensive highest 3 damage) + health]} ~ Team “B”'s {[()]}
within +/- 200 (or ?) match range.

This way even a lower level team’s top dino’s might match up with the “handicapped” higher level player’s weaker dinosaur.

Not sure how to deal with the in-battle RNG issues though.

[Sometimes when I find the 1st strike ineffective against the Dodge or Evasive cloak; I sometimes have an improved RNG with a swap-in DSR from my Draconex G2 (sometimes not though & only if it was one of the selected team).
Of course invicibiilty swap ins from Ankylosaurus Trago, etc are well known defensive counters to the immune Indominex Rex.]


Ok so instead of fixing the higher level dinos purposely losing so they can get easy kills from us little guys, it’s not a true match…you still leave up the BS trophy matching system? Isn’t that a form of cheating your allowing?Lol lol…I’m sooooooo glad I don’t pay for this game


To me the most obvious solution to the problem/frustration of players dropping arenas just to rake in easy victories would be exactly to award and remove trophies based on the differences in Team strength. That way if I lose against an advanced player, who deploys creatures 5-10 Levels higher than I, I won‘t lose 30-some trophies and he won’t gain that many. Other way round, If I manage to beat him with my merry band of misfits, I’d be awarded more trophies. I think a range between 6 and 60 trophies would be reasonable.

Team strength could be calculated by some function of creature level, capabilities and rarity. Probably Ludia could even use more in-depth battle statistics to develop that ranking.o


450+ is a terrible range to match. It should be 150-200. With 450 I’m facing 5000 trophy opponents who have dinos to reach that rank when I’m at 4600 and can’t go higher most times because I keep getting matched against people who’s dinos are 2-3 levels higher than me.