[News] Jurassic World Alive | May 18th Maintenance Follow Up & Compensation

Hello DPG Members,

The initial May 18th maintenance at 4:00 AM ET was an effort to optimize and readjust backend server configurations and set up. This operation was complete but unfortunately resulted in two unintentional consequences:

  1. The Alliance Chat and Donation history prior to the maintenance was erased.
  2. Sanctuary level progression prior to the maintenance was erased.

The secondary shorter maintenance that occurred later today was an attempt to resolve the two issues mentioned above. While some reports indicate Sanctuary progression returned, there are still players experiencing and will continue to experience reset Sanctuary progression.

After review, the current situation is as follows:

  • Previous Chat and Donation history will remain erased but new Alliance Chat messages and Donations should now be working.
  • Placing creatures in new Sanctuaries should function as well.
  • If you’re unable to place creatures in Sanctuaries that had progression prior to the maintenance due to an in-game error, this will no longer occur after that specific Sanctuary naturally resets (each Sanctuary has an independent reset time, but the max is 14 days.)
  • If your creature is stuck in Sanctuary “limbo” - meaning it appears to be placed in a Sanctuary, but you cannot access the Sanctuary it is placed in; please note that it will be resolved when the creature returns to your collection (upwards of 48 hours.)

We deeply apologize for these issues that have occurred. The team is currently working on a compensation plan to provide to players as a result of the resets. Once the plan has been established and set up, we will update this thread with the proper information related to the gift mails.

We once again apologize for the issues, and your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

– The Jurassic World Alive team

2022-05-19 UPDATE

The Compensation mails have been scheduled to go out 2022-05-20 at 9:00 AM ET
These mails will expire after 14 days. Be sure to collect them as soon as you can!
Please note that there may be a small delay in receiving the mails due to the volume of users impacted. However, they should all reach your mailboxes before the end of the day on 2022-05-20.
If you haven’t received your mails by 2022-05-21, please reach out to Support - with your Support Key included - at support+alive@ludia.com.


Thank you for the detailed response! Much appreciated! Respect. Thanks for your efforts!


My game is stuck at 1/30

I’m not gonna make any overly mean comments because that won’t help the situation

To say that I’m a little let down would be an understatement, but the fact that ludia is reaching out to us is more important than a functionnal game, because JWA is nothing without this awesome community!


The game is still unplayable above 25mpg…

Sooo you have lost a customer ( not that you will care. )


@Daven Thank you for the proper response, thats what we like to see! <3

On the other hand, nothing feels different in the game, i have the newest iphone & Xiaomi, yet both are super laggy, once i enter my dino collection, it takes atleast 10 seconds for anything to load or switch to what i’ve pressed…

Could you tell us what exactly you’ve done/tried to fix/update? Or is simply nothing done clientside-wise?


It’s funny, I thought it was just my case, I didn’t even ask my alliance anymore. I thought it was because of my hardware, now I see that it wasn’t because of that; and, yes, I also want an explanation of “why”.

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I still cannot FIP any dinos in any sanctuary. This is a major problem.

CLIENT_ERROR every time.


Communication with specific details?
Who are you people?!


The sanctuary my creatures are supposed to be in is showing empty although I can get to it in sanctuary menu. I cannot FIP my creatures so they are not actually there. Now I have to wait to get them back before I can place them in a new sanctuary. All the creatures in that sanctuary including others creatures are in limbo till the timer runs out.

well, this is better than expected communication. well done. do more. all the time.


I guess that means you guys don’t have a staging environment and/or regressive test ?


Seria bueno la Comopensacion con aumentos, gracias!!!

Translated from Spanish

Compensation with increases would be good, thanks!

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

Good to see some clear communication of the issue although that doesn’t take away from the frustration of it happening in the first place. At least it was a new bug….

I’d also like to mention that maintenance took around 2 hours longer than we were told. For me, as a UK player, that meant instead of 9am - 2pm (giving 2 hours to finish the last few Charlie’s I needed to dart), it finished 5 minutes before reset at 4pm. This was far too late and I’m sure it was the same for many other players. Might be some useful feedback to pass to the team about future maintenance timings.


Just wanna put this somewhere


I had requested DNA from my alliance and was about 45 minutes away from collecting the DNA I needed to create a new hybrid. Now I have to hope that they will be nice enough to donate again. :weary:


Right?! It’s actually pretty incredible that there seems to be so little testing for a professional software development firm. I don’t play a ton of phone games, but this is the only one I have seen with these kinds of issues.

I do, however, appreciate the update.


Same in France
I thought I had 2 hours for event fights… Only 5 mns. One fight only because game is too too slow :triumph:. And now I can’t do nothing in sanctuary to get bonus of missions of the day…

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1 of each boost reset token and call it even?