[News] Jurassic World Alive | May 18th Maintenance Follow Up & Compensation

just 1? nah. needs to be better.


We can only hold one though, and don’t forget the ridiculous fact they expire.

A lot of people missed the raids too.

Would it not make sense to provide players with a care bundle package so we can rebuild the sanctuaries as compensation? I hope that is part of the logic being used in your compensation plan. Not asking for an Elite Bundle here but definitely these sanctuaries need to be rebuilt.


Still better than Pokémon go…


We’ve just created a shared sanctuary within 5 alliances last Saturday, and raised it until lv20.
Now all of us have no other choice but abandon this lv20 sanctuary.
Thanks a lot for this maintenance. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


This hilarious

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I wish this mistakes happen again so we get free premium incubators :joy:

I hope for some Bumpy dna.
Unable to finish my dailies, due to the Sanc meltdown.


Nice and fast response tbh. Now if only the next messups aren’t chaotic like this on a regular basis. Or we get assured that only minor messups will be happening

You don’t want them to break the game again because they can’t handle more than 1 :wink:

Thanks for the information!

You are welcome to introduce new and exciting errors as long as you keep us well informed and abundantly compensated :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Thanks for the update info.
You also need to take into account that because we who are in sanctuary limbo, can’t complete our daily mission objectives, thus losing the DNA for mission completion.
Seriously though, thanks for letting us know what is going on and what you are doing to resolve the problem.

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…and the only “live” game that I know that has to be completely shutdown for several hours to update every month. Similar games released years before like Pokémon Go, etc players carry on playing and then only update the game and servers when the new version has been approved and uploaded to the Google and Apple store.

If Ludia see the player based as steady (doubt it is growing) especially the much needed income from VIP and in-game purchases and ads, then they really need to make a call on investing in rewriting it the way they would have preferred to clean release it in the first place as right now it is just patch fixing and breaking things and any new creatures and feature just breaks it further as well as introduce both server side and local game lag.

If the game is not making enough money then guess we are all just delaying the inevitable when they will be forced to shut the servers down as more VIP and paying customers quit and free-to-play players stop watching ads and filling tapjoy surveys.

Sad as I actually see it being a much better implemented turnbased PvP system, when it works, than quite a few others out there that never get some balance right.

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Hello DPG Members,
We’ve just updated the main post with more information related to the compensation!
Please check it out.
Thank you for your patience!


So what should we be expecting as compensation?

WOW Omg!

This is like my 3rd post! This is why the community is truly a great one!

Not a biggie but is the compensation more than the usual (100 I believe?)

Dosent really matter tho as grinding the twitter, gp, and yt links does wonders

No, we didn’t even get one.

Aaaand there go the details.
Hoping it’ll be worthy compensation.
… but not getting those hopes up too high.

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