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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Migration Event 2021

Season change is on the horizon and with that comes a Migration!

This theme is centered around our Best of the Map creatures chosen by the Community! These creatures are normally only found on the map under certain conditions so now’s your chance to grab DNA from them while they’re around!

Starting August 9th until August 15th,explore your Map to find fan favorite creatures and enjoy special events and offers!

During this week, face off against a team composed of your selected creatures in the special Strike Event. Earn rewards in this Trial Strike Event that will require two creatures with Swap-In abilities! And of course, open Coin Chase boxes every hour and collect up to 25,000 coins!

Happy Playing!

We are aware there are some players experiencing the login issue. Updates on that issue remains in this thread:


I just hope Ludia won’t ruin anything on this week, especially since this is a good event

If anyone is wondering I believe this is the week



Coelurosaurvus and Coelhaast DNA is superb. Noice.


wolly mammoth. wooly mammoth

YES perfect kentro for tryko