[News] Jurassic World Alive | Migrations & Sightings

Hello DPG members,

Since Update 1.4, cooler winds have affected creature migrations and sightings. Firstly, the majestic Brachiosaurus has been seen grazing around several neighborhood maps! Similarly, Featured Creatures in Special Events have also been seen migrating outside of parks - they are still being sighted in green areas, but no longer restricted to them.

Let us know what else you’ve noticed since Update 1.4 and remember to play safe!




Same areas, being mine the worst ofc whit iguanodons and diplocaulus walking everywhere, this made me so hard grind the rares and epics for good dinos, ah and much less stegosaurus and apatosaurus, luck i already have my stegod at 29 but gl the new player who want compete whit his underlevel stegodeus

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Is that going to be the extent of the migration for this update??? Please don’t say that this is it!!!

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Slow down. I still need more Apatosaurus for fusing.

I’m just sick of the trio of not so useful dino constantly around my area since 1.3 dropped.

Tri gen 2

So ready for a change!!!


We seriously need a real migration.
Stagnant af.
So sick of Diplo and Iguana.

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So metahub have worked out new spawns. https://metahub.info/jurassic-world-alive/2666/jurassic-world-alive-spawn-mechanics-post-1-4-update-where-to-find-specific-dinosaurs-spawn-rates/

Stegosaurus is down as global anytime. So should be everywhere.

Still trying to track down Dracorex, went through all the zones tonight but they seem to have gone on holidays :frowning:

Dracorex is L2 anytime. Seem very common since update. Swap for Spinosaurus I think which I miss.

Mine is lvl 15 need many.

Umm…if local spawn dinos list doesn’t changed, why don’t you give a local area switch?
Yeah, Monolopho is good. But don’t think I need more Iguanodon & Diplo…what ever amphibian.

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All the complains are from guys in iguanodon, diplocaulus and triceratops gen2 garbage area, never heard a complain from guys in another usefull areas xd, so balanced

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Sure it’s cool to see a Brachiosaurus in the wild but I think we all expected a global migration (zone changing) not just some little change.

I live in zone 2 and the main change is Dracorex replaces Spinosaurus. That’s pretty ironic cause for months I played I never had a chance to see a Parasaurolophus in my zone so I am unable to develop hybrids which require this common, so is the Utarinex…

So I hope for a global migration - ther’s 4 zones so change the zone each season could be cool and fair. At least, try to change half the creatures of each zone to give anyone a chance to collect them more easily.

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Almost fell for it.But you are not fooling me,you are just raising the hype for the upcoming migration.Right now you just changed a few roomies.Now what i am expecting for Migration :
Dinos like Ankylosaurus (epic) with two hybrids to be global spawn
Tuojiangosaurus(rare) with two Unique hybrids and to be level 20 for fusion to be Global Spawn etc etc

Now if this was the migration we all expecting,i hope there will be migration every week even with small changes.So all of us will not bored by the same Dinos in our Zones

I live in zone 4 and yesterday I saw a Litronace from zone 1

And again, same spot, today I saw a Sarcosuco from zone 2

Maybe is Ludia increasing the possibilities to see spawning from other zones? :thinking:

What is a migration though?:slightly_frowning_face:

Theres 4 basic regions with different types of dinos spawning. So my zone has for example Dracorex, Sarcosuchus and Apatos all day, while i never have Lythronax, Eucoplos, Suchominus etc.
Those spawn in a different zone, which is somewhere else in the real world. For example, i live in zone L2, while a few streets (500ish meters) away theres zone L4. Friend of mine next city over lives in L1.
Migration would mean, that these zones are exchanged. So, i get now L1 spawns, while my buddy gets L3.

You can find the spawnzones here https://metahub.info/jurassic-world-alive/2666/jurassic-world-alive-spawn-mechanics-post-1-4-update-where-to-find-specific-dinosaurs-spawn-rates/


Just for fun, I’m linking this here.

Local zone 4… in these two days Iguanodonte… Iguanodonte everywhere!! :scream::scream::scream:

And now also Euplocefalo… Same couch, another local zone spawning… Now I wait sarcosuco, at least I can fuse her and gain some xp :sweat_smile: