[News] Jurassic World Alive | Migrations & Sightings


Still seeing Sarcosuchus in Zone 2. Ophiacodon is annoying as usual


i think im in L4 and the Spineos have come to us


after the migration, i drove from zone 1 to zone 4, many times, all the epics disappeared except concaves and brachiosaurus


Something strange in my neighborhood…

Yesterday I saw two Barionice in L4! :star_struck:

I also had a Barionice spawned with a scent few days ago (always in L4) but I thought it was a lucky spawning… but not I pray for migration to take place, Tryostronix will receive a hugh buff with speed increased to 124, please please I need to feed my spooky immune zombie!! :pray:


Baryonix is global isnt it?


Global night dawn dusk. Which is most of the 24 hour day for me.


I see one once in a while and i am trying for a tryostonix aswell with this update i need 3 new dinos with tryostonix one i wanted anyways


Found a place combine L1,L2 and L3. Where amazing happens😎


It is but never saw her in L4 so I just forgot it was global :sweat_smile: So let’s say “I see an increasing of Barionice spawnings in these days” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After update and if I’m still in L2.

Gorgosaurus in L2(night) near a school.

L2 spawn night reminds me of just after global launch July IIRC. Used 2 common scents. 2 Tarboosaurus, 2 Einiosaurus, 2 Nundasuchus, 2 V. Raptor, 1 Nodosarus.

Triceratops gen 2. Had them in 1.4 but doesn’t fit with my theory of old spawn habits.

And another Gorgosaurus doesn’t seem like a fluke.

Charlie only once but never seen an Owens raptor in L2 other than Echo spawning wild.


I saw someone say somethin bout Bary. This is 1/2 an hour after I updated.
Around 12:30 pm, eastern.


Im was in L2 before update too but i think they have to redo the Spawn list.


I’m sure Metahub are on it. But I like working it out even partially.

If we were both in L2 that suggests we still are. As your night dino’s match mine.


I’m seeing dimetrodon, nundasuchus, and deinocheirus. L1. Nice to see some change!


Yeah, but is it still L2 or is it gonna be called something else :thinking: I mean, Charlie was a night raptor for L1, but it doesnt match the rest of the L1 findings pre-update. But yeah, your description match my findings so we are in the new L-whatever its gonna be now. #zonebuddies


Im not liking l4s change. Diplocaulus and tarbos galore


I’ll take that Tarbo in L1 xD


I will miss Dimetrodon in L2 if we aren’t sharing them.


Same, and Pyroraptor + Ouranosaurus if they have migrated.


No news really. But got a Baryoynx (night L2) .
I see one once a month usually.