[News] Jurassic World Alive | Migrations & Sightings


In my office parking lot I saw an Anky and a T-rex. They are regulars there.


Irritator gen 2 in zone 1, hmmm 68000 DNA already…


L2 still got Ouranosarus. Relax. :smile:

Also just saw Dracorex hope that’s also daytime.


Lythronax, Sarcocuchis, Purrussaurus G2 and Irratator G2 in L4. Darted several of each. All by my park so cannot confirm in they are in all of L4 or just park spawns. I hunt an ‘artsy’ neighborhood with many small parks so the park spawns are pretty much all over it.


Jurassic World Alive Twitter :

Attention! Migrational winds are predicted to shift in the coming weeks. It appears this new Hybrid will soon be within your grasp.
Get ready!


So a migration is around the corner.Will it be full migration or a minor?


hopefully a migration with an equal balance for each zone… but people will still complain because they only have access to one zone…


I saw a sino today since before 1.3