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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Minor 2.0+ Update

Hello DPG members!

Hope you all had a great week! We’d like to start your weekend off on a good note by informing you of changes in an upcoming minor update.

The update will be rolling out next week with some major fixes for your enjoyment. There will be a maintenance period for this update. As per usual, we will give you a heads up prior to the game pause.

Here are the changes to come listed below.

  • We’ve happily fixed the “This lobby is full” issue some players were experiencing when attempting to join friends for a Raid.

  • Winning a seasonal combat will increase your trophies by 30 and losing a seasonal combat will lower your trophies by 30, regardless of trophy difference between you and your opponent.

  • Taunt animations will no longer be shown in single player combat…

  • Specific Cleanse and Nullifies visual effects will no longer be shown unless they have an effect. For example: If a creature uses Superior Vulnerability but doesn’t have a Distraction debuff, the Cleanse Distraction animation will not be shown.

  • Cleanse and/or Nullify All abilities visual effects will continue to always show regardless of whether they have an effect or not.

  • We’ve added visual elements to make targeting behavior more evident during ability previews.

  • We’ve changed the Instant Invincibility Taunt duration to 2 hits rather than 4 hits.

In addition to those changes, we’ve looked into the reward structure for the raids and have made some tweaks.

The starting DNA distribution for a high level player will now start at 15 (instead of 10) and you can receive up to 30 (instead of 200). Keep in mind that the average DNA awarded has not changed. However, this change means that there will be less luck based disparity between players. This also means that players getting the base rewards will now need 10 less wins to unlock the Mortem Rex.
By making this tweak, we hope to make your playing experience much better!


Amazing! I’ve been waiting for it for months!


Some great updates there. :slight_smile:


Great fixes and tweaks. The mortem DNA tweak especially.

I agree with the minimal amount increase, but why lower the maximum?


Welp I’m getting destroyed because of stuff like this so that’s kinda unfair

And my best is a 21 erlidom and quetzorion


It’s not perfect but before you could fight a much stronger team and for some reason lose 40 trophies. Now at least it’ll be equal everytime


But not matchmaking


Ohhh this is very interesting!

There are so many people struggling to beat Mortem Rex and only get 10 … while others get +50 and try less.


I hope this don’t apply to the others

In conclusion, this update brings some great changes. Thank you for updating the game frequently and listening to out feedback. I admire your work!


Not to be taken as offensive but I’m not enjoying the creatures my team are getting put against because you made indominus the most powerful thing on the planet and that’s a velociraptor with 152 speed and 2400 in other stats so not really balanced matchmaking

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That’s why matchmaking needs to be trophy based

Maybe 2.1


At least someone understands how I feel

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This is absurd.

The people who got 10/10/10/10 from mortem are permanently at a disadvantage.

These players have already felt screwed over by the RNG lottery and now you drop this on them? Maybe kick them in the crotch and spit in their face while you’re at it? They have NO way to catch up to those who have 150+.


It used to be and droppers were a huge issue and that was even before boost. Imagine an Arcadia player facing a full 30 fully boosted unique squad! And yes people did drop that far and further.

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Some great fixes and upgrades. But the ones who already have more than 200 Mortem DNA will be weeks and weeks ahead of those who got 4 tens since the first Mortem Raid. Isn’t it unfair?


Imagine actually not being able to beat smilonemys without a tuora to help obliterate the minions


It seems now we can expect an update every friday haha

This also means that players getting the base rewards will now need 10 less wins to unlock the Mortem Rex.

I have no idea what this means. To me it reads that Morty is a 200 unlock rather than 300, but nowhere else says this.