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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Missing Epic Strike Event

Hello fellow DPG members,

Due to Covid-19, we adapted by multiplying the number of events on the map to make sure that you, our valued players, could play from the comfort and safety of your home. Putting this change on the map as quickly as we needed to came with a few unforeseen issues with the impact of the distribution.
That being said, some events had previously been temporarily removed while we had investigated further. We’re adding back the previously missing Epic Strike Events to this Wednesday, May 13th.

Thank you and happy playing!


Congrats on the new ownership!

I’m guessing there is new ownership at ludia because this is a logical move & its something that is appreciated by the community.

Old ownership would have never.


Would be great if you could ensure that all supply drops had something on them if they’re not green, because currently it’s a waste for them to be empty. Some players probably only have 1 drop and it’s empty.


Thanks for this. Adding the missing epic strikes in this week brings back some good faith. But does this allow those who were able to find the strikes originally to do them again? I don’t really see that as the fairest option.


Did anyone even find any of those?

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there were people who found them. How many, i have no idea. but thinking on it more, this issue may have been more widespread than we originally thought so adding in the strikes again isn’t a bad move at all.

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Wait are we talking about the cutie event strikes, or the lock down strikes?

See? Was that so hard? They admitted they made a boo boo and they’re going to try and fix it. This could have been done literally the Monday after the fiasco and it would have saved us the outrage, Ludia the PR, and customer support the deterioration in mental health.


At least those of us who took the time to contact support also got $600hc out of it :woman_shrugging:


But Bobby don’t ya know they had to be double, no triple sure that it was an actual problem even though like literally 99% of people were telling them it was a. (But still ludia thxs for at least owning up to your mistake and fixing it…its just sad it wasn’t done immediately)

@E.D thanks for this info. Are you gonna put out an updated calander to reflect this…

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Cute Epic Strike event

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Thxs Pierre

Chapeau, Ludia.

Good move on Ludia’s part. I think a week to put right a minor issue during a global pandemic with staff working from home is actually very good. Perhaps if we didn’t reach for the pitchforks so quickly they wouldn’t make knee jerk reactions (i.e. contact support) … :man_shrugging:

Its not like we couldn’t play the game - oh wait, that was update 1.14 :wink:


Hat off ludia

they finally realized it was cheaper to pay a programmer for 10 seconds than their entire support team overtime for days. kudos for doing the right thing - but only if i get 398 blue from the inc :wink:

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This honestly surprised me. But its awesome. Thank you very much. :turtle:


Thank you for correcting your mistake. @Ned I was going to give you a suggestion about trying to inform the team to make a app for JWA to move around even though we are only in 1 spot. Think about like those type of games where you can move the white circle up, down, left, and right to move. And once COVID-19 ends you can just throw it the way JPB went. But because of this, I don’t think we have to do that now.

I was extremely disappointed with Ludia’s customer service after the missing strike tower fiasco. This helps make up for it big time.