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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Missing Epic Strike Event

This is awesome, thank you!

Now I just hope I can actually find them…

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Well, incubator contents were useless for me. Now they are adding this during an Irritator event which mean less green drops :confused:

Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot! (I’m a little late, but that’s okay …)

Two prehensile thumbs up!! @E.D


I was one who found that epic strike but notice almost daily that one of the strikes are extremely wide spread like today, the little grey-n-white tower. It’s no where in site from home here but ran into it on my lunch time walk.

I couldn’t believe it when the green stops I had in my 200m circle disappeared today.

The nearest one I have is at least 800m away now and I can see a grand total of 2 looking in every direction.

So while it’s good news for the majority of players, I doubt very much I will find it when it comes.

The only consolation for me is that at least it won’t take over a green stop now!

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so it’s really like free 600 cash now :grin:
assuming the incubator spawns this time which is 50/50 at best

Interestingly the Epic tower has a 24 hour timer so its not changing into a Rare tower in 12 hours like the missing one would have …

Personally I’m not that bothered but I feel for the lower level players that won’t be able to defeat the Epic one but would have been able to get something out of the Rare one.

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Thank you Ludia, very cool!(Yes, it is the only one in radius, and my country’s on lockdown)

Have you restarted? Quite often the distribution changes significantly.

At least you can see that, i cant found that strike in my map.

Restarted it already, still no change in spawn. Guess I have to wait till tomorrow’s 12 spawn change in hopes that it’ll be in reach

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What they should have done is have it super saturated on the map for the first 12 hours or something like that. I know they can increase them because they have done that with green stops. That way everyone has a chance to have one in range. Maybe they can still update it to increase the chances of having it in range. @Ned maybe something you can relay to the team?

I know I didn’t see one in range and only picked on up when I had to go run an errand. It’s still early enough to make changes before it disappears I hope.


Sure thing! Thanks, Piere87. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ned! I know we’ve had several on our Discord as well say they don’t have one in range either.


I only have 1 on my entire map and it’s way out of range… smh

Could someone tell me the time on the epic tower?

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Nope…nowhere in the map for me…i guess is still missing

It should be out for another 22 hours or so.

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it’s not in range, but i can see one. you can only get blue and turtle as epic which is nice. pretty sure there was some unless one in there before