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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Missing Epic Strike Event

I find GPS glitches are usually a good thing with this game… They were the only reason I managed to get 2 Kentros last week.


I win the epic strike. But the blue was all for nothing. I now have indo g2 sitting in the unlocked section with 190 dna.

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No update ? nothing can be done ? Are we forced to miss this incubator?

Still none for me…so this was pretty disappointing. Got two boost strikes right next to eachother…and 6/8 of my supply drops are green.

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Still no bucks or epic strike

What’s the point of adding something onto the map when barely anyone can access it? Stat Boosts towers are everywhere, why can’t you just swap the two towers?

I found 1 yesterday but had to look all over town. Saw 1, that is it. They were really lacking in amount of epic strikes out there…