[News] Jurassic World Alive | Monolometrodon


Hello fellow DPG members,

With Update 1.4, the recipe for the Monolometrodon has been uncovered!

For the first time ever, you can create a Legendary creature from two Commons!

Collect DNA from the Dimetrodon Gen 2 and the Monolophosaurus Gen 2 to make an immediate impact on your battle team with this ferocious Legendary hybrid!

DPG members are encouraged to benefit from the recent migration that brought the Monolophosaurus Gen 2 and Dimetrodon Gen 2 into the spotlight. Migration patterns aren’t yet fully understood, so get collecting as we don’t exactly know how long it will last.


At high levels it is very difficult to create. always an acute shortage of coins. Make a balance of coins, so that they can get more.


No, tnx, i dont collect they so much effort darting for that dinosaur, buf him and we can talk


I got it to level 20 because I wanted the xp from fusing but I’m not going to be leveling it any further unless it gets seriously buffed


Umm…you know what?
I got so many DNA to raise this kid, but I don’t event want to keep doing that.

No, it’s not a legendary. Just a rare with red frame. You need to over level it ,just like we did on Einia, or it can’t get enough strength to fight against other legendary.
It got weaker stats than Postimetro, an epic class. That atk is weaker than both Dimetro & Monolopho. Shouldn’t it supposed to between them?:thinking:

You mentioned the migration? Please do that ASAP. I don’t want to see more Diplo & Iguanodon.


The coins just need to go away. We spend hours sometime days or weeks hunting down dinosaurs and collecting DNA. Just to be not able to lever up or make a new hybrid because we don’t have enough coins. That is not right. It says that the time we spent is worthless.


Without coins people would be rocking teams of level 30 commons in lockdown. Wouldnt be until way later in the game till we could use legendaries and unique cause they 2ould need to be leved up beforw thwy can be used.


This took me ages to create as you require a lot of monop and Dimet DNAand it would only give me 10 hybrid DNA at a time. Disappointing.


Why would anyone bother it’s useless


It also looks stupid.


I’m sure they will buff it at some point and it’s doesn’t look that bad


Not everyone has the money to spend on a game. If people go out and get the DNA then they have spend there time and people’s time is worth something. The coins are a road block for most people and for kids that are playing. They need to go away. They game would be more fun and everyone would have a far chance. Not just people that can spend a lot of money on the game.


I agree with getting rid of coins. I’ve got 39 dinosaurs to evolve but not nearly enough coins to do it. You’ve got to keep at least 20 000 in the bank.