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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Moving Chase

175 coins per chest from a distance.
700 coins per chest when on top of them.
Some chest reappear when you open them.
62,500 coin limit

But a bit buggy sometimes upon respawning after 15 minutes. First respawn was fine, but on second respawn (30 minutes after release) the chests appeared but showed as doubled, sometimes like dinos appear doubled. I tapped on it, it immediately reverted back to the map with the sound of the chest opening, but no coins and the chest remained there.

Restarting the game fixed it, I opened the chest, got the coins, but then immediately all chests disappeared from the map.


I have a feeling the vast amount of chests in the area was not intended, because now I only see 3 in the far distance with none in my area. Typical of Ludia to release something buggy (which was actually good) then to promptly fix it and now it is bad.

Way to ruin the excitement within 30 minutes Ludia.

It’s buggy and laggy. I’m on a slow phone and need to restart it every 15 minutes because 20 chests and supply drops appear on top of each other and make it unusable.
Thanks for the coins (which I don’t need), but come on guys, fix your damn game before adding more bugs.

I think it’s already fixed now, seems fixed for me, but the result is hardly any chests in the area now. They go from one extreme that makes the game laggy and buggy to the other where there’s hardly any chests to be seen.

The number of chests seem to of been lowered. But I think they are now too many minutes away as I can’t see any in the distance.

I don’t envy Ludia trying to balance this. Can’t demand the many chests we briefly had.

I take back EVERYTHING I said about this dumb moving chase.

It now turns out to be:

  1. You can ONLY tap on 1 chest per 15 minutes.
  2. You can ONLY hit the 62,500 coin limit each day IF you have NO LIFE and tap 1 chest EVERY 15 minutes whilst standing on top of it.

The interest is absolutely gone less than an hour after introducing them.

Ludia, you have failed yet again.


I’ll have to disagree on this one.

Coins are the biggest impediment to leveling my dinosaurs… even more than lack of DNA.
Anything that gets me more coins for free is a welcome addition.


I did the math. Every other day means 15 days, 700 coins x 4/hour x 24 hours x 15 days = 1,008,000 coins. So, IF you don’t sleep, eat, work, study and maybe even don’t breath, and always get on top of those chests, you can get those 1 million coins. But if you are a regular human, you’ll only get maybe 100,000 coins. Which is not really bad, but to advertise that we can get 1 million coins is kinda fake.


Ludia is well known for false advertisement so…


I tapped on the same 1 - 3 times … ? Perhaps the cap is 700 per 15 mins still kinda weird these are available at late night . I definitely wouldn’t wonder around my neighbourhood at 2:00am or anytime after 10:00pm really . They should have made it 1 million local time 6;00am-10:00pm . Safety is best met at these times depending where you live lol either way would look weird someone walking around in circles all hours of the night!

Even Pokémon go (Niantic)has sense to stop events at night time. :roll_eyes:

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No it’s not, it is 1 chest per 15 minutes regardless of amount.

Another gift for cheaters and spoofers. Legit players can never reach limit since we have to find and open a chest every 15 minutes 24 hours.

First hour when there were many chests and you could open all of them were much more interesting. I took my bicycle to collect coins but then Ludia broke the event again. No motivation in this event anymore since it’s made for cheaters and spoofers.

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Oh thats typical Ludia. They dont care about you or your safety. All they care about is making money from you. And if you dont spend money, they will just give you horrible matchmaking so it it will be impossible to win and the only way to win would be to spend money to upgrade your team. In the mean time they continue not to fix the game…

I really fail to see what there is to complain about - if you’re out and about (especially as a passenger in car/bus) you will get 700 coins every 15 mins (or at least that’s the case in my area of the UK); if you’re at home or work and can use your phone then you will get 175 coins roughly 3 of the 4 chests in each hour and every now again a lucky 700 (again in my experience) - ok, you need to sleep but that’s still a lot of free coins for doing very little. So you are unlikely to hit your daily limit - well thank you Ludia for setting it high - would you rather it was 7K so you could hit it? :roll_eyes:


I was on 60K coins when the event started - I am now on 105K - from various free sources :+1:

And yes, there was an initial glitch where you could open multiple chests but this was fixed by restarting the game not any rushed in bug fix (IMO) - big deal.

Edit: And if any spoofers want to spend all of August without sleep and no life just to collect a million coins - fill your boots guys/girls - at least it keeps you off the streets.


On another note any nerds know the significance of the 18 on the chest?

Been wondering the same thing…

Working in my office i’ve seen 1 chest in my area in the last 3 hours. So 175 coins for me yay.

Sorry but I actually clicked on numerous boxes during the 15-30 mins. Including 1 that disappeared came back right away 2 more times . Didn’t get 700 coin but around 170 or so car remember exactly . But I can confirm I’ve definitely clicked on more then 4-5 boxes . I’ll check tomorrow when it’s back and share a video if needed . Perhaps it was a bug? Lydia’s famous for those but usually not beneficial ones lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think the amount was 188 per box


Dude seriously i’m talking about how it changed 30 minutes after the update. We all know what it was like when the coin chase boxes were released, i’m talking about how quickly Ludia changed it.

Tomorrow it will be 1 box per 15 minutes, no more.

I didn’t even notice they changed it cause I’m online literally 8+ hours a day and I clicked on a lot of boxes from a distance. But yea I’m sure it will be what your saying tomorrow 1 per 15 mins.

I preferred the old chase where we could bike and/or drive around and collect non stop that was fun got you out more. But they definitely need a time stamp on the hours if they haven’t yet.

Misunderstood that you were saying this was an update after the release.