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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Co-op Mode

Hello DPG Members,

To kick off your weekend, we are ecstatic to share that our Jurassic World Alive Team is hard at work to bring you a new update this summer!

The next update will introduce a new cooperative battle mode where you’ll face off against dangerously powerful new creatures with your Alliance and friends, in the comfort of your home.
Bred for destruction, these fearsome opponents are designed to challenge even the most experienced team of players. So practice hard in Campaigns, and get your creatures ready!

Your existing dinosaurs will see some changes in order to adapt to the upcoming co-op mode and support a real-time, co-op battle experience. More details and information will be communicated to you in the coming weeks. We hope you are as excited as we are!

As always, play safe and stay healthy! #PlayApartTogether


Pokemon Go raids. Glad to see they’re taking an idea from them and using it.


This looks AWESOME!!!


Can’t wait! This looks really fun and another way to engage with alliance members!


So two players can play together. SWEET! Is it coming in 1.15 or a small 1.14 update?

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This is kind of exciting. Taking inspiration from Pogo and JWTG. I’m excited to try it out, but also leary of what it actually entails. We aren’t going to be fighting the Goats again are we?


#PlayApartTogether… Here’s hoping that it will be permanently that way, because I don’t have a single RL friend who plays this game.

Other than that, I’m cautiously optimistic!


Great to hear, that new exciting feature is coming.

Nerf hammer incoming?


Interesting. Let’s see where this goes. :slight_smile:


Powerful new creature? Let’s hope it’s creature that needs more attention, and dinosaurs

Bosses? Are we finally going to get the likes of Omega 09 in JWA? The Death Dodo?

I’m assuming you don’t mean balancing changes…?


Wow I’m actually hyped for this!!!


I think it’ll be something like a different kind of battle altogether, maybe not as turn based as regular battles right now. Move cooldowns in seconds instead of turns perhaps?
Just like how in PoGo pvp battles are different from Gym/Raid battles

Wouldn’t it be nice if boosts wouldn’t work on these? They can be challenging but not super broken like the April fools strikes.


Hope this works out…
Frankly, the idea of co-op boss battles is rad as hell.
But this “retooling/balancing” thing… it may be the perfect excuse to make us rethink/rework our teams.
And since I’m one of those players that just simply can’t put money behind this changes, I dread them.


I hope not. I hope that whatever those changes are, they will only apply to the co-op mode

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Can we fight the goats or lord lythro with our friends?

Hmm. I’m starting to feel concerned about connection issues now.

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I think it might be only modified for the raid boss. Kind of like how pvp is different from gym/raids in PGO. In pvp you charge a move a second time to increase its power, while in gym/raid you just unleash it once it’s charged.

I get connection issues in 1v1 battles when I have 4 bars of data…
I wonder how bad it’ll get when it’s 10 people fighting a boss